Insight from a few of our lovely ladies, Molly, Kristina and Pamela

The last day at the village was definitely the most impactful for our team. Waking up, we knew that we would get to see the end result of all the hard work as well as having to say goodbye to our new friends. Thankfully we were greeted with cooler weather as we did some finishing touches on the pastors house and church. We also had a small team go sore to door introducing themselves and announcing a meeting to explain the Sawyer water filters. Karen explained how responsive and welcoming each person was as they went house to house. Watching the families listen to how important these filters were for their health was very moving for me. It seems so insignificant for us to turn on the faucet and fill our cup up.

Yet here we are listening to Ananias explain how they need these for parasite and sickness prevention. Many of the people on the village suffer from stomach issues related to drinking unclean water so it was incredible to see these families get blessed with these filters.

After the meeting, Mark, the missionary took us down the river a bit to enjoy some leisure. Most of us braved the jump from the top of the boat to the Amazon river, terrifying yet exhilarating. And yes, even some of the ladies partook in the adventures. It was nice to enjoy that moment with our team and see this incredible bond that was formed during this missions trip. During the days of serving the village, the team still had time to bond, share God stores and bluster each other’s faith.

In two and a half days our team built why will be. a church for the village. Last night we JD a service to dedicate it. As we walked towards the structure it was encouraging to see how many villagers were already in attendance. Young men were shuffling around completing last minute details such as assembling the drum kit and connecting speakers. The electricity ran across the top of the building providing our light and extended to the back where the sound equipment was plugged in. Introductions were made and the. The pastors wife approached the pulpit and began to lead the now full congregation in worship.

As we listened to them praise in Portuguese, I sat back in awe. I couldn’t contain my tears as j saw young and old alike sing along in their new church home. This new building spoke of hope, of promise, a vision to lead more people to the

Lord. Even as the various pastors shared, the theme echoed of legacy and dreams fulfilled. A community forever changed because 21 individuals said “yes, Lord” and spent a week alongside Mark Lemos in Manaus. We left the service encouraged, inspired and humbled. A rekindling in our hearts of what God can so and a new foundation of what He is yet to do.