A heretic sees the story, sees the lie and chooses to step out of it

I asked Mike to share his reflexion on ‘being a Heretic’. Mike is a healer mixed with a young boy! I enjoyed the discussions I had with him, they always take me where I didn’t expect to and always woke up my consciousness.

Enjoy the energetic words of this amazing Heretic!

What makes you a Heretic?

I think a Heretic is someone who sees the lie. We are all born into a story, a story of right and wrongs, of should’s and must’s. Because we are born into it we don’t see it. Just like a fish doesn’t see the water it swims in until it is laid on the river bank. The Toltecs say the Prince of Lies is planted, like a virus, in our minds.

So a heretic sees the story, sees the lie and chooses to step out of it.

I remember when I was still at school cutting a piece out of a magazine titled, I think, 10 Rules for a Liberal Mind by Bertrand Russel. I only remember the first rule: Have no respect for authority because there are always alternative authorities to be found. I think I have been on a life journey searching for alternative authorities.

While I was in the 6th Form at school (16–18 years old) I remember we had a new student teacher. I was at an all boys schools and he suggested we have a debate with a local girls school, and asked for topics. I suggested ‘the only reasons against sex before marriage are religious ones’. I guess the writing was on the wall back then!

Tell me what is your biggest act as a Heretic?

My first thought was that leaving a well-paid job in a large corporate to join a small company was heretical. Certainly many people at the time thought I was mad. But looking back I realise that I was simply moving to another part of the story that was topical at the time — that I should be independent, entrepreneurial and make a fortune that way.

My biggest act as a Heretic was selling my big house and using the proceeds to move, with my wife and youngest daughter, to live in intentional community with our Teachers in California. In fact we sold almost everything we owned and flew to the States with all our possessions in 7 suitcases.

What does it take to make a choice?

The first difficulty is trust — trusting the Universe and yourself — that you are making the best decision. This is helped when the decision comes from listening to your heart.

The second thing that I think is difficult is not taking responsibility for how others feel about your decision.

This is part of the lie that we have been told — that we make others happy or sad etc. Not taking responsibility is not the same as not caring.

What advice would you give to future Heretics?

It can be difficult on occasion to discern the intentions of an heretic. Sometimes the implicit iconoclasm can be driven by the shadow side — repressed feelings and emotions like fear and hate that are actually at the root of the apparent heretical behaviour.

My advice, then, would be to check out your motives.

What would be the word that represents the Heretic in you?

My word would be Outrageous — the rage created in others by someone ‘going beyond’, choosing a different reality. Or the inner rage it takes to step out of a story that does not work.

This image came to mind:

Mike Bell is Circle Leader at Conscious Evolution Coaching — http://consciousevolutioncoaching.org/mike-bell/

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