Do Mail Order Brides Really Exist These Days?

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14 min readNov 21, 2023

For those familiar with the concept of mail order brides may seem like a relic of the past. However, it is important to address the question: do mail order brides exist these days?

Although the term “buying a bride” itself may have certain connotations, it is important to approach this topic with an open mind and examine its current reality. By researching the facts and dispelling any misconceptions, we can gain a clearer understanding of what mail order brides really mean in today’s world. Almost 51% of all female daters register on international dating platforms to search for Western men. Would you like to dig deeper and find the answer to the question: Do mail order brides exist? Then check out the facts I compiled for you below relying on the facts, research, studies, and my expert opinion.

Most Popular Mail Order Bride Sites 2024

SofiaDate is one of the most popular platforms that offers a large catalog of Eastern European women. Here you can find mail order brides from such countries as Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, etc. The bragging point of this dating service is that it offers multiple communication tools and free features, so you can enjoy your experience to the fullest. On top of that, it is possible to have a smooth start on SofiaDate due to special offers. Thus, as a new user, you can get 20 free credits and a substantial discount for the first purchase of a credit package. If you are on the lookout for the best mail order brides, this platform will certainly work for you.


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LaDate is one of the top platforms to meet the best Latin American brides. Thousands of the best mail order brides from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and other countries are waiting for compatible partners to create romance. This dating site deserves praise for its convenient credit-based system, which allows you to take full control over your expenses. You can browse profiles to meet your potential match or meet even more mail order brides by using People section. Also, it is possible to scour through Newsfeed to track the activities of beautiful ladies. Get your welcome bonus in the form of free 20 credits and feel free to enjoy communication with beautiful women from different countries in Latin America.

UkrainianCharm includes a large pool of ladies from different cultural backgrounds. Whether you want to meet Ukrainian brides, you can easily encounter your perfect young lady on this platform. What makes this mail order bride website stand out from the crowd is the option to please your match with virtual and real gifts, organize phone calls, and even send video messages. As a new user, you will achieve a welcome bonus in the form of 20 complimentary credits after the registration for free. Therefore, you will get an opportunity to decide whether this online dating site works for you without any investment.


Would you like to meet stunning women across Latin America? You will have such an exclusive opportunity with Live chat, phone calls, advanced search, video chat, virtual gifts — this is just a glimpse of what this dating site offers to its users. Thousands of Western men have already created successful love stories on this mail order bride site, and numerous positive user testimonials are the best prove for that. As a bonus, each new user achieves vouchers for free chatting. Moreover, all mail order wives verify their accounts, so there is no room for fakes on ColombiaLady.

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Do mail order brides still exist?

Concept of Mail Order Brides

What is a mail order bride? “Mail order bride” meaning individuals, typically women, seeking marriage partners from foreign countries. Historically, it gained prominence during the 19th and early 20th centuries when lonely men in Western countries, particularly the United States, sought companionship in distant lands. They corresponded with potential brides through written letters, leading to arranged marriages upon their arrival.

In the contemporary context, mail order brides have evolved with the advent of the Internet and international dating agencies. The process has become more transparent, with international dating sites and agencies facilitating introductions, but it remains a subject of debate.

So, do mail order brides actually exist? Yes, mail order brides do exist. It is a real phenomenon where individuals seek a spouse or equal partner from another country through online platforms or international marriages agency. This practice has both supporters and critics, and it is important to approach it with caution and awareness of the potential risks involved.

Ethical aspects of mail order brides

Since I have vast experience in navigating online dating services, I found out that some potential love-seekers misinterpret the concept of picture brides they see online. The main reason for that is that they rely on myths rather than facts. You will never find the best mail order bride until you debunk all the stereotypes related to this industry and leave your worries behind when navigating the international dating scene.

  • More mail order brides are engaged in human trafficking.

I must say that this notion is an absolute myth, though I even came across such a post on Quora. The truth is that it is legal to approach any online dating site with high credibility in the industry. Such platforms provide a safe environment for communication, so you don’t break the law related to age consent or human trafficking. Neither Asian mail order brides nor ladies from Eastern European countries registered on such sites have anything in common with commercial sexual exploitation at all.

  • Foreign women undergo sexual objectification.

I would like to refute myths regarding the sexual objectification of young foreign women. This Reddit post, which is based on real user experiences, helped me a lot. After doing more research, I came across some fascinating and educational studies that gave me more insight into the issue of objectifying stereotypes about a mail order bride. In fact, according to 12% of male representatives, mail order brides websites offer easy access to women who are trained to fulfill all of their clients’ sexual desires. Still, there is good news to report. Ladies who register on these platforms typically want to get married and have long-term relationships, as well as real romantic bonds and social connections.

  • International brides want to escape poverty.

This is a widespread myth as well. Potential mail order husbands believe that each foreign woman looking for American man wants to improve their well-being with the help of an international marriage agency. Indeed, some ladies who start searching for a husband abroad really have such motivation. After interviewing numerous Asian, Latin, and Slavic women on dedicated platforms, I came to the conclusion that the main reasons they join mail order bride websites are to find a reliable partner and diversify their romantic lives.

Mail order brides Reddit: What do real people say?

My thorough analysis of mail order wife sites and this industry in general would be incomplete if I didn’t add the relevant information about what real people say about foreign brides on social media platforms. After analyzing a large bundle of reviews and comments, I would like to provide a bottom line of what men say about dating on mail order bride sites.

There are actually two teams of male representatives — those who have had successful experience and those who have been disappointed in using mail order brides services. However, after digging deeper, I found out that those frustrated love-seekers just addressed questionable sites with poor reputations. Also, an interesting fact is that Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Mexico, the Phillipines, and Thailand are among the best countries to find a wife. Asian brides engage men with their compromise-friendly nature and exotic appearances, while Russian mail order brides and other Eastern European women appeal to men thanks to their determined nature, independence, and focus on family.

The contemporary landscape

Recent statistics indicate a significant number of marriages initiated through these international platforms, reflecting a broader acceptance and integration of cross-cultural relationships. Testimonials from couples who have found love through these agencies paint a complex picture of challenges and triumphs, highlighting the diversity of experiences and the resilience of love across distances and differences.

Success Stories

Michael and Anna

Michael, a school teacher from Ohio, never imagined that his quest for companionship would lead him to Anna, a university lecturer from Romania. Their story began on, where shared interests in literature and classical music made them instant soulmates. Months of letters and video calls culminated in Michael visiting Anna in Romania. A year later, Anna moved to the United States. Today, they share a home filled with books, music, and love, a testament to the bridges that SofiaDate can build.

Ethan and Sakura

Ethan, a software developer from California, was fascinated by Japanese culture but struggled to find a partner who shared his passion. On, he met Sakura, a graphic designer from Tokyo with a love for anime and digital art. Despite the language barrier, their connection was undeniable. After several visits and countless shared moments online, Sakura moved to the U.S. They now run a small design business together, blending their cultures and passions.

Carlos and Gabriela

Carlos, an engineer from Texas, sought someone who shared his Latino roots and zest for life. On, he found Gabriela, a Colombian dance instructor. Their shared culture and love for dance quickly drew them together. After numerous virtual salsa lessons and heartfelt conversations, Carlos traveled to Colombia. Six months later, Gabriela joined him in Texas. They now teach dance together, spreading their love for salsa and each other.

Jack and Olena

Jack, a writer from New York, was captivated by the rich history and resilience of Eastern Europe. He met Olena, a historian from Lviv, Ukraine, on Their shared love for history and storytelling made them perfect for each other. After a romantic proposal in Lviv, Olena moved to New York, where they continue to write their own history, exploring the world’s stories together.

The Reality Check: Common Misconceptions about Mail Brides

Mail order brides is a controversial and often misunderstood topic. To clarify some common misconceptions and provide a more balanced view, let’s address a few key points:

  • Mail order brides are forced into marriage. One common misconception is that mail order brides are coerced or forced into marrying foreign men. While there have been cases of human trafficking and exploitation, it’s not accurate to assume that all foreign wives are victims. Many enter these arrangements willingly in the hope of finding a better life or love.
  • Mail order brides are only from poor countries. Mail order brides can come from various countries, including both economically developed and developing nations. Economic factors are only one of many reasons that women consider such arrangements. Some foreign women may have other motivations, such as a desire to escape difficult family situations or find a partner with different cultural values.
  • Mail order brides are all seeking green cards. While some individuals may pursue mail order bride arrangements to gain citizenship or residency in another country, this is not true for everyone. Many genuinely seek love, companionship, and a better life for themselves and their families.
  • Mail order brides are all scammers. It’s unfair to label all foreign bride as scammers. Like in any relationship, there are genuine individuals and those with dishonest intentions. It’s crucial to exercise caution and perform due diligence when engaging in such arrangements, just as you would in any other dating scenario.
  • Mail order brides have no say in the matter. Many mail order brides have agency and are active participants in the process. They often choose their potential partners through agencies or dating sites and communicate with them before making a decision. They can decline proposals if they don’t feel comfortable with a particular individual.
  • Mail order marriages are inherently unsuccessful. The success of mail order marriages varies, just as it does in traditional marriages. While some may encounter challenges due to cultural and language differences, others can build strong, loving and long-term relationships that last a lifetime. The outcome largely depends on the individuals involved and their commitment to making the marriage work.
Do mail order brides really exist?

Understanding modern mail order brides: A comprehensive analysis

To fully grasp the scope and nuances of modern mail order brides, it’s essential to delve into statistical data, address challenges and criticisms, and offer guidance on safe participation.

Statistical data: A closer look

Quantitative analysis plays a crucial role in understanding the mail order bride industry. Recent studies and surveys provide insight into the dynamics of these international unions:

  • Number of Marriages: Each year, thousands of men and women enter into marriages through mail order bride services. For instance, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reports that approximately 4,000 to 6,000 marriages between American men and foreign brides occur annually.
  • Success Rates: Surprisingly, these marriages tend to have lower divorce rates compared to the national average. Research indicates that mail order marriages have a divorce rate of around 20%, significantly lower than the U.S. average of 40% to 50%.
  • Demographic Information: The majority of men seeking mail order brides are from the United States and Western Europe, while the many women primarily come from Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and other countries. This demographic pattern reflects broader economic and social dynamics, as well as personal preferences for cultural traits and values.

Challenges and criticisms: Ethical and social considerations

Despite its popularity, the mail order bride industry faces significant ethical and legal challenges:

  • Cultural Assimilation Challenges: Couples often face difficulties related to cultural assimilation, language barriers, and the integration of the foreign spouse into the local community. These challenges can strain relationships and hinder the spouse’s ability to feel at home in a new country.
  • Legal and Ethical Concerns: The legal frameworks governing mail order marriages, such as the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) in the U.S., aim to protect foreign brides. However, enforcement and adherence to these regulations vary, leaving room for unethical practices by some agencies.

Guidance on safe participation: Navigating the industry

For individuals considering exploring the world of mail order brides, taking precautions is paramount:

  • Research and Verification: Conduct thorough research on international marriage agencies. Look for reviews, testimonials, and any regulatory compliance such as adherence to IMBRA in the U.S. Verify the credibility of the platforms and the authenticity of the profiles.
  • Understanding Legal Obligations: Be aware of the legal obligations and rights in your country and the country of your potential spouse. This includes understanding visa requirements, marriage laws, and the rights of your partner.
  • Red Flags to Watch For: Be cautious of agencies requesting excessive fees for communication or introduction, promises of guaranteed marriage, or profiles that seem too good to be true. These could be indicators of scams or unethical practices.
  • Communication and Transparency: Foster open and honest communication with potential partners. Discuss expectations, cultural differences, and future plans to ensure mutual understanding and respect.

Are mail order brides legal?

When you approach a particular mail order bride site, you may ponder the question of whether communication with foreign women is legal. Indeed, you don’t break any laws since you use the services of the best mail order bride sites with a high level of credibility in the industry. Reputable companies have all the rights to deliver communication services and provide an appropriate environment for that.

Another aspect is bringing your future spouse to the US and giving such relationships legal status. Here are the top aspects you should take into account if you are all about marrying foreign women.

Mail order brides vs Traditional brides

Mail order brides and traditional brides represent two different approaches to marriage, each with its characteristics and considerations.

Mail order brides

Mail order brides, often associated with international matchmaking services, involve individuals from different countries seeking marriage through online platforms or agencies. This approach emphasizes cultural compatibility and long-distance relationships, with potential partners connecting online before deciding to marry. While some genuine relationships and successful marriages can result from mail order bride arrangements, there are concerns about exploitation, human trafficking, and unethical practices in the industry. Regulations and safeguards vary, making it crucial for individuals to research and ensure they choose reputable services.

Traditional brides

Traditional brides refer to couples who meet and marry through conventional means, such as mutual connections, social gatherings, or local communities. This approach emphasizes in-person interactions, shared experiences, and a more organic development of the relationship. It typically involves individuals from the same geographical area or cultural background and relies on face-to-face meetings to build a connection.

The choice between mail order and traditional brides depends on personal preferences, values, and circumstances. Both approaches have their merits and drawbacks, and individuals should carefully consider their options and prioritize ethical and legal considerations when seeking a life partner.

Mail order bride meaning

What country has the best mail-order brides?

Before choosing an online dating site, it is necessary to determine the nationality of your future wife to join the right site and meet a perfect match. I consider several countries in such regions as Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America to outline the best features of local women.

  • Ukraine. A lot of Western guys confuse Ukrainian ladies with Russian women. However, they are absolutely different. Ukrainian girls are family-oriented, flexible, and super hot. If you want to have a beautiful lady by your side, opt for a local woman as a partner.
  • Poland. Polish girls are more reserved compared to Ukrainian or Russian women, though they open their hearts and souls to men whom they trust. In case you are looking for an additional dose of care in your life, a Polish woman will be for you.
  • Vietnam. These Asian women impress men with their exotic appearances and conservative life views. If you see a supportive partner by your side, Vietnamese women may be perfect candidates to win your heart.
  • Japan. Intelligent, open-hearted, industrious, gorgeous — these are just a few adjectives that can describe Japanese women. Local girls take relationships seriously and don’t want to play games. Just like Korean women, ladies from Japan consider their commitment sacred.
  • Mexico. If you want to add some passion to your love affair, creating bonds with a Mexican girl may be a go-to life choice. These ladies are truly affectionate, so you will definitely open new horizons in romance.
  • Brazil. Your perfect match from Brazil may fulfill your life with a bundle of positive emotions, mutual understanding, and love. Their curves and expressive facial features leave men worldwide in awe.


Mail order brides still exist, and I personally know numerous successful stories of love between international couples. I am aware that for many prospective daters, the idea of a foreign bride may seem a little off-putting. As someone who works in the industry, I can assure you, though, that once you register with a trustworthy mail order bride service, you need not worry about anything. These kinds of relationships are really wonderful because they let couples communicate virtually, which helps them better understand each other and gauge each other’s intentions before deciding to deepen their bonds.


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