The evolution of Filter press with time

Filter press has always found their way in industrial processes and waste management and hence been a critical part of many processes. If history is to be believed, the first form of a filter press was used in the British patent to obtain seed oil through the use of numerous pressure cells.

The high filtration velocities and lower moisture content were the main advantages at that time which was due to the high filtration pressures which could be applied for better results. With the passing years, filter presses could be used in a wider range of applications. Today, a great emphasis is given on the automation of filter press operations for improved and more efficient results.

Getting acquainted with the science of Filter press

A filter press is a complex piece of equipment precisely designed for batch process filtration which is aimed at separating solids and liquids using pressure filtration. These presses are generally driven by powerful slurry feed pumps which are effective in operations. Filter Presses are mostly used in industries like waste-water, metals and mining, chemicals, pharmaceutical and beverage markets.

These days, filter presses are generally classified into two different categories; Plate and Frame Filter Presses and Recessed Chamber Filter Presses. However, the Recessed Chamber Filter Presses are further classified into three major categories namely — Caulked and Gasketed Recessed Chamber Filter Press, Non-Gasketed Recessed Chamber Filter Press, and Membrane Squeeze Recessed Chamber Filter Press.

Trends and Developments hitting Filter Press market

There has been a series of developments in numerous industries regarding the trends and types of different filter presses. During any filtration process with a conventional horizontal-type filter press, the chambers of the filter press cannot always be the same in terms of the degree of cake formation. To avoid this, the recessed-plates of the conventional filter press are equipped with bosses that have been believed to give extra support during press closing. The bosses play an integral part in avoiding plate destruction during the movement of press. 
Moreover, these days the fully automatic horizontal-type filter presses feature special diaphragm compression devices which the individual fields of application. These are also equipped with sewage sludge treatment tools on demand of the consumers. In the present filtration industry, the market demand is becoming significantly elaborate and thus requires finer and higher degrees of separation for positive results. This is quite necessary for material recycling, energy cost saving, and essential environmental protection. Moreover, the recent developments in various filter presses will continue to provide the technological tools for solving various technical issues.

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