Canada Immigration : Ten Tips for making better CV for Canadian Job Banks specifically for immigrants

Your present resume may be good enough for Indian or Asian job market. But, if you are eyeing a job in the Canadian banking sector, your usual resume won’t be suitable. To make sure your CV is considered, your resume needs to be in Canadian format which is different from the other formats accepted in other countries. A Canadian employer will be comfortable to view a CV that presents your experience and skills in a manner that is accepted in Canadian job market.

Here are 10 tips to write a comprehensive CV to attract the attention of Canadian employers:

1. In general, your CV should not be more than two pages. Also, include a cover letter along with CV.

2. Be crisp and concise to ensure your CV is read. Remember, there will be many more CVs apart from yours.

3. Make use of short paragraphs and avoid long sentences. Do not use first person. Change all terms to the North American equivalent. For example, use terms like GPA and High School, etc.

4. It’s important that the information in your CV does not appear haphazard. To avoid this organize with the help of headings. You can use headings for highlighting your qualification, education and professional experience.

5. Write your CV in the reverse chronological order. Begin with your latest job profile then continue backwards. This allows you to organize the various positions you have occupiedand experiences gained in order of time.

6. It is important that you include only job specific skills and knowledge.

7. Recruiters like to know about your success with past clients. If you had received any awards and recognition from clients in your past employments, make sure to mention them.

8. Did you create a new product or service, or helped in increasing sales and decreasing costs in your previous employments. Don’t forget to mention all such achievements.

9. The cover letter introduces you to the recruiter. It should summarize your skills and achievements in a manner that presents you as an ideal candidate for the post.

10. Your honesty and accuracy matters. Mention only those achievements and skills you actually have. Be accurate about the company names, start and end dates, job titles, locations.

Once you have prepared your CV check it thoroughly for any mistakes. Don’t sign your CV and do not mention ‘resume’ or ‘CV’ at the top of the page. With these tips included, your resume will excellently present your suitability and help you get a job faster in Canada.

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