The only New Year’s Resolution I needed.

For the past 10 years I thought I am doing a great job balancing my demanding professional life, family, friends and my “fantasy worlds.”
This year, not really due to the whole new year resolution thinking, but simply because I felt like the time has come, I decided to make one change — less fiction.

Often, we get so submerged in external content, be it passive or interactive, that we forget to ask an important question of “why?” are we escaping the wonders of the real world?

In the past few months I’ve dedicated a substantial chunk of my time to working on my Twitch gaming stream, which when handled correctly can be an awesome hobby. Unfortunately, most fresh streamers, much like myself, tend to be blinded by the illusion of “making it big”, “becoming popular” and most of all “quitting their day jobs.” You won’t and you shouldn’t! (Certain exceptions apply.)

Fictional life is very appealing and easy to enter, but at a very high “RL” cost.

The past few months also made me realize something extremely important — life changing type-thing. I was being consumed by the fictional idols, fictional worlds, fictional habits and fictional feelings — playing a game, watching a movie or reading a book comes quickly and easily, and just like that we are somewhere else, somebody else living through a carefully crafted filter of reality.

Today, on Sunday, I woke up at 8am. It is now 10am and I’ve managed to accomplish more stuff than I would’ve throughout the entire weekend… three weeks ago. What happened, you ask? It’s simple — I decided that my time will be better invested long-term into ME and things that benefit ME (which also translates to my loved ones) than the creators of “Quantico”, “Counter-Strike” or notorious meme with a new twist re-posters on Reddit.

Do you want to feel young again? Get shit done before noon!

Here is a quick breakdown on what changes I decided to implement and despite it being just the 10th of January, I feel a massive improvement all across the board! (It might feel drastic and will definitely be loosened up once I feel like I can reward myself for real-life achievements.)

  • Limit video games to no more than 1 hour/week — 20h/week saved
  • Do not watch TV before falling asleep — 6h/week saved(moving the TV out of the bedroom altogether)
  • Use tablet mainly as eBook reader — 4h/week (no Reddit before falling asleep)
  • Do not browse non-productive websites for more than 1h/day — 10h/week saved
  • Start and follow through with one online course (currently going through all AngularJS courses on
  • Do not let smaller things stop you from bigger things — laundry to do? Dishwasher to unload? House needs to be vaccumed? Yes, this page of funny lolpics or this competitive game of CS:GO can certainly wait!

This drastic change in the way I manage my time, labelled grossly as “less fiction” is saving me roughly 40h/week!!! That’s basically a full-time job I can suddenly do on the side simply because I decided to give my time more value and allocate it into things that really make a difference! Yay!

Stay focused and you will always have time to relax.

I will keep this post updated and might throw more stuff on, but for now I really just wanted to add anything so it’s not too dusty here.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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