A Technical Perspective

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In the past few months, the DeFi space has introduced several exciting innovations including vaults, farming, and pooling mechanisms. Although this continues to add interest to the space for people already familiar with cryptocurrencies, a divide still exists between the typical user experience (as seen in Web2) and the tools that can generate sustainable yield in Web3.

As an investor, you would need to understand quite a bit about what you are doing before investing. This typically involves watching tutorials by DeFi_dad, reading articles about a new project, reviewing the project’s history, and making sure you connect to the right address. The list goes on. All of these steps are absolutely essential should you venture into these projects on your own. But here at NewFi, we believe that there’s a way to outsource some of this due diligence to the ‘experts’ that can dedicate themselves to the vetting process. …

Helping Investors Make the Best Returns

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With the growth of the Internet, digital assets and cryptocurrencies have made their introduction as a new type of asset class — and they are everywhere.

Upon entering the world of blockchain, many individuals are faced with an overwhelming amount of information and don’t know where to begin when starting to explore the digital asset space. These individuals are familiar with traditional financial products — bank accounts, investments, loans, and credit cards –but no one has fully explained the benefits (and value) of digital assets and DeFi to them. …



A personalized asset strategy protocol to help investors make the best returns.

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