We Launched Our EveryElection App!

EveryElection Sends Alerts on Upcoming Elections and Reminds Friends to Vote Too

We launched the EveryElection app this week, a user-friendly app to alert citizens when their local election is coming up, as well as how and where to vote. Download here if you have an iPhone!

You input your address and it sends you alerts when an election is coming up. Also:

  • Election listings show you the date of the election, the incumbent, the challengers, the polling place and early voting details.
  • The app is refreshed with data every month about new races, challengers, and special elections.
  • Users can upload their address books and social networks to see the upcoming elections near family and friends, and with one click can email, call or text their contacts to vote.

EveryElection is currently available in the app store for iPhone users (Android and web coming soon!)

We are trying to solve a simple problem (not knowing when and where to vote) with a simple app; the concept for this app is not complex at all. In fact, it all stemmed from the radical idea that this information should, at the very least, live in one place. Data for elections has always been extremely scattered. Without this app, you have to put some elbow grease in and know which questions to ask - sometimes the information you want doesn’t even live online. To learn where to vote in a local election, you might have to (gasp!) call or visit a state office in person. All of these obstacles are enough to discourage anyone, even the most politically active among us, from voting. That’s a true shame, because voting is one of the most important ways you can have your voice heard.

“We talked to non-voters after the last election to learn why they weren’t voting and kept hearing the same reason over and over,” says Genevieve Thiers, our co-founder and CEO. “They didn’t know when and where to vote for elections other than the Presidential ones every four years. The rest of the races where their voices also mattered — such as state legislature, Congressional, and local races — those were flying under their radar. It was not easy to find or act on them.”

We have been able to gather information on close to 300,000 elections — or about 66% of the elections in the US — in one place. We built an API on top and then turned it into an app and web site. Along the way, they gathered some valuable partners, including Swingleft, flippable, Sister District Project, Ballotready, VoteRunLead, Wall-of-Us, SheShouldRun, 5Calls, Runforsomething, DemLabs, ItStartsToday and more.

“Whether it’s for town council or the U.S. Senate, Americans everywhere are embracing the notion that government matters, elections change lives, and their votes count. EveryElection is an outstanding tool for times like these, when newly energized voters are eager to stand and be counted,” states Jonathan Zucker, founder of ItStartsToday.

Standing and being counted is also just the beginning. There are a huge number of citizens who want to fix basic problems and just don’t currently have a method to engage.

“What’s amazing about this app is that our team of 6 worked alongside 11 organizations and 97 donors to pile onto a major problem problem and solve it,” states our Director of Product and Operations Jeremy Abrams. “If we can do it once, we can do it again.”

And we do intend to build more. This is just the first of many projects we have planned. “A lot of people don’t think that activist groups can or will act together,” states Chief Political Officer Ellie Bahrmasel. “We’re here to show that not only are we working together, but that we’re all solving critical needs within our democracy.”

Our incredible partners who made this possible.

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