Introducing the I5— camera control and sleeping monitor with futuristic fashion

I5 — First Impressions
The first impression one may take from the I5 is this is a sport monitoring bracelet. A useful and accurate sport tracker Gone are the days that serious sports monitoring gear looked like medical equipment. The I5 is a futuristic looking fashion wearable that contains a powerful fitness tracking and sleep monitor to keep track of daily health. The looks of the I5 just can’t be ignored either and this is one wearable that takes fashion to a new level.

Design and Materials
This is a high quality wearable and it’s noticeable as soon as the device is worn. The extra thick siliconized rubber strap is very comfortable and the transition from screen to strap is smooth and seamless. For those that dislike the quick connect button clasp of most sport wearables,three color alternative as a wearable technology greatful for men and women to run or do sports.

fitness tracker

Touch screen designed to some extend easy to touch and confirm your favorite functions and gesture control (same as a watch). 0.91 inch OLED display that is easy on the eyes.

touch screen smart bracelet

The on-board 75mAh lithium ion polymer battery is easily charged with the included charging clip and battery level is displayed on the screen so low battery conditions are easily avoided.

One of the best metrics for overall is the camera control.What if you are alone and want a remote photo? piece of cake, I5 smart bracet weared to control your smart phone ,it’s easy to take photos by yourself !

remote camera

Time and date display: The bright OLED display can show time, date, and sleep quality as well as battery level.

Sleep monitoring: Sleep and heart rate are related, so the I5 uses complex sleep monitoring that helps users understand their sleep quality and wake up well rested.

I5 plus

Find your phone
Nowadays our life is closely related with the smartphone,you will be upset and get into mess when losing your beloved phone.Don’t worry now,I5 can help you find it,just tap tap,your phone will ring,come back to your arms right away.

smart tracker

Final Thoughts
Keeping track of on-going overall health can be helped by daily monitoring of fitness and sleep quality. Understanding these two metrics can help people make smart health choices and live better. The I5 is perfect in that application.It is a super fashionable and effective device that offers essential information and an economical price.The camera control is also a good function to let your hands free and take photo by yourself any time and any where. Great for you.