Samsung may soon announce the brand new phablet Galaxy C9 for the Chinese market- newfrog notice

Samsung Galaxy C9 actually exists and the first official confirmation comes just from Zauba Indian forwarding database, which would receive some units to complete the last test before the presentation. According to the documentation it emerged, Galaxy C9 is identified with the name of SM-C9000 code while the display should have a size of 5.7 “.

For the moment do not have other certainties relating to technical characteristics, the launch should not be far away and still get perhaps, to coincide with the upcoming IFA 2016 in Berlin.

The newly-formed range of smartphones Samsung Galaxy C destined for the Chinese market may soon be enriched with a new device.and the internet-based retailer ,say newfrog ,Ebay are ready to provide the newest relevant Samsung accessories. If the Galaxy C5 has effectively inaugurated the new series of the Korean company, the brand new Samsung Galaxy C9 could go early to support the model launched last May by extending the range of products in the midrange.

SamMobile has in fact shown that the smartphone codenamed “Amy” code-named SM-C9000 code could be placed on the market as soon Galaxy C9. According to the findings, it seems that the device — made entirely of metal — can take a large part of the C5 Galaxy technical specifications, although it is expected the presence of a 6-inch display, and thus wider than the 5.2 inch model currently available on market. The phone should also be characterized by the presence of 4GB of RAM and a mid-range processor like Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 or Snapdragon 625.

The chance to see him soon in the Chinese market are high, although it should be noted that the timing of his announcement is dictated primarily by the passage at the institution of Chinese TENAA.