Smart Light , lighting control capabilities

The term “smart light” refers to an environment controlled lighting control systems. These systems take into account factors such as the presence of people in the room, lighting and during the day to turn on and off the lamp, thus saving energy and money to the user.

The popularity of intelligent lighting products is constantly growing. In fact, the intelligent light is the fastest growing market in the industry engaged in the production of lighting equipment. That by 2020 the cost is expected to be $ 8.14 billion with an average annual growth rate of 22.07% in the period from 2015 to 2020. This is to a large extent contribute to the government’s laws on electricity savings.

E27 LED Smart Light

Smart light — it is a system, which includes lighting and electronic systems to manage them. Lighting components come in all types: fluorescent lamps, LED lamps, xenon lamps, and others. Control systems include sensors, microcontrollers, receivers, and other elements that are responsible for the behavior of light.

In principle, you can make conventional light bulbs, but unfortunately, they can not provide the full range of solutions which we have in the era of Internet of Things. Classic lamps are binary devices, ie, have only two states: on or off. Intermediate options often do not have — so working light bulb from the time when they first appeared in our homes.

Smart lamps operate differently and provide greater opportunities for control. Due to the fact that they are using wireless technology, you can control the light from anywhere in the world using a mobile device or laptop.

E27 LED Smart Light

Clever lighting gives the device allow you to create a personalized and intelligent environment. Smart light has many useful features, for example, the system will be able to simulate your presence in the house when you’re away, lowering the brightness of the light automatically when the TV is turned on, perform the alarm function or signal you of incoming calls and messages. Moreover, the lamp can be switched on automatically when the user comes home, and be controlled by voice commands.

Installing motion sensors, you can adjust the operation of luminaires in hallways, utility rooms and so on, that is where people usually do not stay long. Automatic light control eliminates the need for a person to look in the dark switch: the house itself take care of everything, for example, turn on the light on the landing in front of the apartment.

But do not forget about service companies and energy suppliers. They also benefit from the use of smart client technology. They have an opportunity to view the statistics of energy consumption and, on the basis of the received data, automatically mute the light by 10% during peak hours — the user will not notice the difference, but notice and say “thank you” to his purse.

E27 LED Smart Light

By combining wireless technology with energy efficient lamps in one compact solution, we were able to change the usual order of things. Lighting scenarios — it’s a real treasure for the interior designer. Singling out some elements of the interior light and hiding in the shadows the other, it is possible to generate multiple designs in the same room.

The term “intelligent lighting” can be given a different meaning depending on whether you want to have a flexible and full-featured independent solution or integrated lighting devices in a large-scale home automation system. As for the first case in the field of self-functioning devices, there is a wide selection of products from different manufacturers. Basically it is a smart light bulbs like on newfrog, visually very similar to his brothers with incandescent filaments.