The best smart TV Box with Android ,the best review

The TV Box are very compact devices, which allow you to transform your home TV (The TV box is ideal especially for older TV), a multimedia TV so as to enjoy all the services that offer the latest Televisions commercially, technologically advanced, namely:
Surf the Internet
Watching videos on Youtube
Watch streaming content
Files, photos and videos snapped with smartphones and cameras
and more …

So in summary give us the ability to leverage most of the functions that are normally used on your personal home computer directly to your TV, turning your TV into a very modern and current Smart TV, without buying a new and expensive TV, but simply thanks to this device ( newfrog TV Box), which will connect to your existing TV, with a paltry expense but comprehensive model.

The TV Box as mentioned before are small devices which, as the name suggests, are used directly with a link to the TV via HDMI. They are spreading more and more, and have become popular because they allow to have a true “Mini PC” of discrete power to carry out operations for the multiple media.

The TV box usually have the Android operating system, and as mentioned above can be connected to a TV with HDMI interface, offer jack for audio connections, USB ports for connections to external hard drive, internet connection via ethernet or WiFi, integrated readers MicroSD / SD.

Having the complete Android operating system, you can install the app on the TV using the TV Box just like a tablet or a smartphone.
The most advanced and high-performance versions have Windows 10 operating system and, in fact, can be considered inexpensive computers.
The thing that toghether all existing TV Box on the market is the presence of a media center and pre-installed that allows you to see all kinds of multimedia content. The multimedia codecs for the reading of the various audio and video file formats, are already present inside the TV box.
The most popular Media Center you will find inside the TV box is undoubtedly newfrog offering fully customizable user interface and allows the organization of our media library in a transparent and fast.

Here, here is a list of some of Best TV Box with their technical characteristics.

newfrog Android 4.2 smart Tv

Dimension: 13*10.3*2.8cm 
Color: Black 
Plug Type: EU standard (AU/UK/US Adapter will come with the item according to your shipping address)
AC Adapter I/P: 100–240V~50/60Hz 0.4A MAX
AC Adapter O/P: 5V, 2000mA

Dual Core Android 4.2 Smart TV Box

Dimension: 12*9*2.6cm 
Color: Black 
Plug Type: UK standard (US/EU/AU adaptor will come with this item according to your shipping address)
AC Adapter I/P: AC 100–240V~50/60Hz 0.3A MAX
AC Adapter O/P: 5V, 1000mA

MINIX X7 Mini Quad Core Android 4.2 TV BOX