The new Fitbit charge 2 and flex 2 you should know closely

Fitbit does not wait the end of the month to confirm the leaks. the company was preparing the next generation of its known Charge and Flex and has finally made official. As always chasing the get fit and help you follow a healthier habits, the two bracelets also renew their appearance while maintaining the essence that became known.

the previous fitbit Protective Case Cover

The Fitbit Charge 2

Did you know that the previous generation was the first of the firm include, as usual today, continuous heart rate monitoring — and keeps your drawing, while stylizing their silhouette to make it easier to carry and betting a screen that is now four times bigger. This breadth allows among other things to play with a selection of “wallpapers” or watchfaces able to show as much information (and more complete, therefore) than before. Here you can see real-time statistics of your exercises (whether already running, weight training and cycling, thanks to its new multisport character with automatic detection of the activity, by the way) and follow the instructions of their mode of interval training, all supported data acurate result of the use of a GPS module.

The Fitbit Charge 2

The optical sensor control pulse, PurePulse, itself has also updated, giving the curious new data. You can thus obtain an assessment of your physical performance by measuring your aerobic capacity, a parameter which is calculated by estimating your VO2 Max -for it will use your profile information, heart rate and exercise performed, Fitbit says. This feature is also a guide to gradually increase this performance based on a specific objective accompanies.

Charge 2 is not just thinking to keep you going; also for you to relax with him. Therefore now it includes custom guides called Relax breathing and relax aimed precisely at your body and your mind. The sessions raised are 2 to 5 minutes in them can see your heart rate in real time, with animations and wearable vibrations that indicate you how to carry out each breath. Fitbit relaxation appeals to studies published by the Harvard Medical School in which it has been shown that practicing these exercises have positive long-term “reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and” effects.

As for the Fitbit Flex 2, you will see a very light and small wearable (it is 30% smaller than its predecessor) of submersible (up to 50 meters) that allows the extraction of your monitor to insert in some of the new seven bracelets that have been released for the occasion. Not only that; if the subject of worn on the wrist you think already seen, you can always make the premium accessory that will try to sell Fitbit, consisting of a steel pendant-not, the idea is not Nueva- in silver or gold finish 22K. There will also be special editions of bracelets themselves.

As in the first version, the new Flex uses LEDs to indicate activity or notifications received, leaving aside the screen and therefore is not so full at the time to keep you informed. This bracelet not far behind in performance, providing users with automatic recognition of activities (with counting your laps in the pool, duration or how many calories you burned, for example). Flex 2 is also able to detect when you sleep and monitor your session rest in the arms of Morpheus something that also makes the Charge 2.

The Charge 2 and Flex 2 will be available for purchase through the usual distributors (such as Amazon,newfrog) as well as on the official website of the brand, where and can book. The Charge 2, with a cost of 159,95 euros, you can place it on your wrist in September, with classic bracelet in black, blue, plum and turquoise. Bracelets separately to exchange them will cost 29.95 euros in its “classic” version; 69.95 euros for leather pattern in pink, brown and blue; and 189,95 euros (almost nothing), for the special edition rose gold and gunmetal.
The Flex 2, meanwhile, will arrive in October under a cost of 99.95 euros in black, lavender, magenta and navy.

Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge
Wireless Sync Receiver for Fitbit Charge