Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans — Who’ll Win?

There is a huge buzz around how Artificial Intelligence can replace people at their jobs. It is true that we have come a long way in cutting out routine work and this will continue this further. From manual labors to robots in manufacturing, bullocks to tractors in agriculture, abacus to supercomputers in IT, the examples are limitless. But have we come far enough to replace human intelligence? Theoretically yes but practically no. We saw Terminators and Darth Vader trying to take over the planet in the movies and made our fears out of it. We are far away from what needs to be achieved to make computers as intelligent as humans are. While some researchers believe that we are very close, others even say that it is not even possible. The arguments are strong enough to justify each but to make things clearer we have listed down the major points that can define the present scenario.

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