Implementing UX Research and Testing to Improve Web Page Response

Designing interface for web pages with witty ideas and umpteenth collaborations of thought processes may leave you satisfied, but in the true sense, you are not an authority to judge the digital art piece. The user, who is viewing your website has the right to honor your imagination. It is the user experience that measures the success of the designed web page and yes, if possible you can plainly utter — Viewers choice makes the benchmarks rather any technical guy.

With elevation in the number of technology users, it is mandatory to keep following the emerging technology and design the web pages and their ingredients accordingly. The notion behind is the availability of smartphones, tablets, phablets and other gizmos to access the website. Once done, you remain on the hot list of the viewers.

UI/UX for Website and Mobile App

To make the website interactive and user-friendly, it is required to enter into the technical domain where UX research and testing analysis provide qualitative reasons for website development. It is the qualitative research which truly understands the need of changes for better user experience. The qualitative research is coupled with testing analysis where the recommended changes are implemented to yield better user experience.

What UX Research and Usability Testing Analysis actually do?

To understand the benefits attained by UX research and testing analysis, it is required to know a bit about Behavioral UX Data Analysis. Behavioral Data Analysis simply tells you about the sort of behaviors your web page is getting. It is a qualitative and quantitative aspect on which Behavioral Data Analysis works. The 360-degree purview provides hindsight which can be leveraged to improve the web page score in relation to UX.

When Behavioral Data Analysis provides Why and What for better web page optimization, then there comes the role of UX Research and Usability Testing Analysis to fetch critical data by observing the reactions of the genuine visitors.

UX Research and Usability Testing Analysis — A Syndicate

UX Research and Usability Testing Analysis couples to conduct some qualitative testing. This include some questions like what is keeping visitors engaged? Is there need of other engagement as well? Are viewers satisfied with web page appearance? What is the minimum time they spend on the website? What does more user expect from the web page?

To get answers to these questions, the professional is required to perform different testings like:

  • 5-Second Test: Tells about the visitors’ response in first five seconds of visiting the website.
  • Eye Tracking: Tracks the viewers’ attention on different elements of the web page.
  • Question Test: Identifies workflow and page identification issues.
  • Preference Test: Creates preference cascade to maximize the choices for the viewer.
  • Moderated Usability Test: Asks viewers’ perspective on a webpage through some assigned tasks and replying to their feedback in real-time.

The answers to these questions will definitely give you the clear insight on the desired input to be made to improve the web page and the number of genuine visitors.

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