It’s going to take 45 women serving as president before we even have a chance to reach parity.
Intolerant Liberals
Tucker FitzGerald

Based on your logic, you will need to find a woman to succeed you in your position as church pastor. If a male takes your place, you will be down 2–0 on the gender scorecard and will then have to hire two consecutive females as pastor to make things even on your parity board.

You point out that 45 straight presidents were male, so now we need 45 consecutive female presidents in order to reach “parity”. But you failed to mention that there have been 44 white presidents and only 1 black president. What about racial parity, you insensitive buffoon?

My questions to you on achieving parity:

Will we need to have 44 black female presidents in order to quickly reach parity in only 176 years? Or can they be 44 females of any color, and then we start addressing the racial disparities after 176 years of female rule? How many consecutive years will Asians and Latinos get to be President for after the parity scores between males vs. females and whites vs. blacks are all evened up? How many four year sessions will the gay and transgender communities get in the name of parity?

I’m horrified that you are suggesting that the American public cannot vote for the most highly qualified, potential candidate for president because they are the “wrong” gender, and then continue this discriminatory practice for 176 consecutive years until your gender “parity” quotas are reached. You really think your idea to ban all males from running for president from 2020 to 2196 will solve anything?

This essay is regressive, repulsive and highly offensive thinking, all wrapped in a self-congratulatory tone of caring. Intellectually embarrassing.

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