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Mr. Keller is scared about the prospect of 7 million illegal immigrants being deported, claiming it would result in a huge workforce reduction in “financial activities, manufacturing, and the wholesale and retail trade.” He also says that 7 million illegal immigrants are currently employed in the American workforce.

He conveniently fails to mention the massive negative financial impacts this has on American society. Unscrupulous businesses avoid paying fair wages and taxes by hiring illegal workers instead of legal citizens. If mass deportations of people who broke the law by coming here and continue to break the law by staying happen rapidly, then millions of currently unemployed Americans would suddenly have a much easier time finding a job in retail, restaurants or manufacturing. The long-term financial benefits from opening up millions of jobs that are currently occupied by illegal workers would absolutely dwarf the short-term, one-time costs of getting them out.

The U.S. taxpayer is already paying a tremendous amount in social services for our current citizens, why should they be responsible for footing the bill for 11.3 million people who all knew they were breaking the law when they set foot in this country? If we don’t start enforcing our immigration laws now, this situation will continue growing until it’s out of control. The laws against illegal immigration were enacted for good reasons, and the need to be enforced. Every nation on Earth has laws against people who enter and live in their country illegally, and the penalties are much harsher than being given a free airplane ride home. Mexico gives a two year prison sentence to any illegal immigrant caught working in their country. Maybe you should write an article about Mexican immigration reform, since 18,000 illegal immigrants from Central American countries were kidnapped and held for ransom by Mexicans in 2015.

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