Playing With Toys While People are Dying
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

You are trying to tell me that the video game industry is a social construct for wealthy white men to act out their power fantasies? The top mobile games on iTunes right now include Minecraft, HeadsUp!, Geometry Dash, Word Cookies, 8 Ball Pool and I love playing Nintendo Wii and using Wii Fit on a snowy day.

You would be absolutely horrible company on a snowy day, since you would whine and complain about games like Super Mario Bros for offensive gender role stereotypes like the female Princess Peach having to be rescued by the athletic, brave, white male supremacist savior, who has the entire world (and sometimes entire galaxies!) revolving around him. Maybe it was a secret Japanese conspiracy acted out by Nintendo to make self-absorbed, ultra-sensitive white males like you hate yourselves even more?

A bitter, sour person who is trapped in the wrong career should not blame the entire industry he willfully entered for his ridiculous guilt complex and miserable attitude. Just switch careers and shut up already. Maybe try developing games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or Words with Friends that don’t hurt your feelings so much, or just switch your career to activism instead of game developing.