These photos show the ingenuity and perseverance of those who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexican
Rian Dundon

Your collection of photos seems to congratulate and encourage ingenuity amongst these criminals. I think it’s reprehensible for you to applaud criminals for how creatively they can break the law. If I created a similar photo essay with criminals stealing people’s bikes on the sidewalk using a variety of methods, along with commentary complimenting the thieves on their gumption and ingenuity, people would be rightfully pissed off. But what you did was worse. You are treating these 11.3 million illegal job thieves better than bike thieves, chief. You are marveling at how well they break the law to come here and steal jobs.

The laws against illegal immigration were created for good reasons, and they need to be enforced. Every nation on Earth has laws against people who enter and live in their country illegally, and the penalties are much harsher than being given a free airplane ride home. Mexico gives a two year prison sentence to any illegal immigrant caught working in their country. Maybe you should write an article about Mexican immigration reform, since 18,000 illegal immigrants from Central American countries were kidnapped and held for ransom by Mexicans in 2015.

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