Gulp vs Grunt. Why one? Why the Other?
Preslav Rachev

Thank you for the review. An opposing viewpoint is the tool (IDE) should do this sort of work. If you are using a script language then you are having to do the work. Back in the early 1990’s people used “make”. Even Windows were done with make, nmake. Eventually people got tired of wasting so much time on that stuff and just used tools which automated everything. Around the turn of the century lots of Java dev was happening on Windows. The workers did not know how to setup a decent unix shell on windows so wanted some tool to use. Enter ant. So, ant grew up. Then several other equivalently bad ideas followed including gradle and apparently these grunt and gimpy and gulp and whatever. These are make-work tools. The IDE should manage all this stuff automatically. Its unproductive to make a job out of what should be automatic. Spend your time being productive, not hacking out stuff which should be inherent in your IDE and platform.

That said, yes, I know Google and Apple have basically flipped off the dev community and refused to do it right. Linux community shunned Java (like pure idiots they are). Microsoft is full-on vendor lock-in.

So, the real reason and problem is the lack of an Open Standard. No Open Standard means no tools can be made to operate automatically within the expected environment; and people are left to hacking out stuff like this.

Dev community is repeating so many mistakes. A large part it due to mega-companies trying to force people into their square profit holes.