Finding The Best Spine Surgeon In NJ For Safely For Performing Back Surgery

Do you have a spine problem that might require surgery?

Getting spine surgery in New Jersey can be scary for most people.

The thought of risks, complications, and recovery time are all important factors one must consider before making this important decision.

You may have to speak with several expert spine surgeons in NJ and hear multiple opinions before they (and you) finally decide surgery IS the right option for your situation.

But then once you’ve made the decision, who will you trust to perform the surgery correctly and safely?

About Dr. Sandro Larocca, MD — Spine Doctor In NJ

Dr. Sandro LaRocca, MD, founded the New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, a highly acclaimed private spinal surgery center. Dr. LaRocca first started practicing in 2001 and he has always been committed to ensuring that his patients receive the highest quality of spinal surgical care.


Dr. LaRocca had an extensive education that prepared him for his career in spinal surgical care. He first completed a mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He then attended the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA, which is now the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, where he obtained his medical degree (MD).

Following this, he completed his internship in general surgery at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA, where he first became interested in orthopedic surgery, in particular, in which he subsequently completed his residency. During his residency, he also underwent specialized training at the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, PA, where he further completed his residency.

Dedicated to furthering his knowledge and skills, he obtained a residency in orthopedic surgery at the Philadelphia Hand Center before moving to the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, MA, where he completed his fellowship. This fellowship was in complex spinal surgery and reconstruction. Specifically, he trained in the clinical management of disorders of the neck and back.

He is particularly proud of the honor he received in training under Professor Jurgen Harms, a world-renowned and highly distinguished spinal surgeon at the Klinikum Karlsbad-Langensteinback in Karlsbad, Germany.

Today, he continues to further his education. He has authored and presented unique pieces of research to various national meetings, such as that of the North American Spine Society.

Board Certifications and Associations

Dr. Sandro LaRocca, MD, is a board certified orthopedic surgeon with the ABOS (American Board of Orthopedic Surgery). Additionally, he is an active fellow with the AAOS (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons).

He is a professional member of the New Jersey Doctor Patient Alliance, the American Medical Association, the Orthopedic Surgeons of New Jersey, the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, the New Jersey Spine Society, and the North American Spine Society.

The New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C.

Dr. LaRocca founded the New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C., and his clinic is dedicated to offering the highest levels of excellence in spinal surgery and spinal treatment. Patients receive individualized treatment and care, which includes education about their condition.

The clinic treats everybody with compassion and offers treatment using the most state of the art equipment. The clinic is highly reviewed and patients have experienced significant improvements in their quality of life through transformational improvement.

He has been able to build a team of highly qualified and experience staff. Each staff member is fully committed to offering only the best care to their patients. From diagnosis to aftercare, the highest levels of attention to detail and compassionate care are offered.

Treatment plans are fully customized to the needs of each individual patient. Additionally, the clinic prides itself in being able to offer care to both English and Spanish speaking patients.

Dr. LaRocca’s Philosophy and Methodology

Dr. LaRocca is passionate about spinal surgery and he is a recognized expert. This expertise is integral to the multidisciplinary team he gathers for the treatment of each patient, thereby ensuring their back, spine, and neck are properly cared for.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in NJ

Whenever possible, Dr. LaRocca will use minimally invasive surgical techniques, although he will offer open surgery where necessary. Whether it is for neural decompression, stabilization, or reconstruction of the spine (lumbar, thoracic, or cervical), he believes in treating each patient with compassion, dignity, and respect, with a focus on improving their overall quality of life.

He also regularly writes articles on different situations that can damage the health of the spine. These are written in an easy to understand language and are targeted at regular individuals, rather than the medical community.

He believes that educating people is key to ensuring that they can maintain good health of the spine and avoid complex surgical procedures. This is a philosophy he also brings to his clinic, where all patients receive education and knowledge on their particular condition.

Spine Surgery Treatment Options in New Jersey

The New Jersey Neck & Back Institute, P.C. has three specializations: orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive orthopedic spine surgery, and spinal cord injury medicine. The clinic treats 30 different conditions, ranging from bone disorders to vertebral fractures. They also offer 16 different procedures, ranging from cervical spine reconstruction to spine surgery.

Treatment options are always fully customized and individualized to the needs of the patients. In so doing, patients know they can always receive the most appropriate care for their particular needs.

Click here to visit the New Jersey Neck & Back Institute website.

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