Koh Chang redefines beauty

Koh Chang, located in Thailand, has emerged as a popular and exotic holiday destination. The beautiful island of Koh Chang is sure to fill you with joy.

Thailand has been a popular holiday destination for people across the world. The beautiful beaches of Thailand are not only relaxing but also has one of the most peaceful surroundings. When travelling to Thailand, Koh Chang is a place everyone must visit.

Koh Chang is one the most beautiful island located in Thailand which has something for everyone. The peaceful island has a lot to offer to those who love adventure. At the beautiful island, you can go snorkeling, hiking and explore the under water world with diving.

When it come to describing Koh Chang, beautiful becomes a small word. It has mesmerising beaches that fill every traveller’s heart with joy. The island is the perfect place to enjoy with your loved ones. The sunset at the peaceful island has a charm of its own. Koh Chang is home to various wildlife animals like the Stump tailed macaque, the small Indian civet, the small Asian mongoose, exotic species of snakes, deer and houses nearly 61 species of birds which include the melodious Koel bird, hornbill and the beautiful sunbirds. At Koh Chang, you can also experience wildlife by engaging in elephant trekking, where you can sit on elephants’ back and explore Koh Chang with your family and friends. Monkey training center is another popular place to visit if you want to be astonished by the amazing tricks a monkey can perform.

If you love reptiles, Koh Chang’s Crocodile and snake show is the perfect place for you. Here you can get the opportunity to get close with these friendly reptiles and feel excitement like never before. If you love swimming, Koh Chang has an entirely different swimming experience waiting for you where you can get to swim with the cute and friendly Dolphins.

If you are planning to travel to Koh Chang, there are various modes of transportation that are as follow:

By Air: The nearest airport is Trat, situated at the mainland. Various Minibus services help you transport from airport to hotel.

By Road: The two main roads running at the West and East coast will take you to the breathtaking island Koh Chang. Here you can rent motorbikes and taxis.

By Boat: for those who love travelling by the sea, there are some popular ferry companies that run their services from the mainland.

The best time to travel to Koh Chang is between November to January as the place is comparatively colder during these months. The months beginning from March to May are exceptionally hot. It rains heavily from June to October and most accommodations remain closed during rainy season. Therefore, visiting the place during these months is normally avoided.

Now, finding a good holiday accommodation is also equally important. It is important to find a good hotel to ensure that you have a comfortable holiday experience. At Koh Chang, it is easy to find accommodation of your choice. From beach resorts to pool villas, Koh Chang offers the best and the most comfortable accommodations to make you feel like royalty. If you wish to enjoy sunset view from your room, the best beach resorts in Koh Chang are situated on the North west side of the island.

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