ESKI. Premium Stylish Parkas Without The Luxury Prices!

To carry on with our theme of winter fashion from last week, we are going to talk about the most essential fashion piece which we need during the winter season, parkas!

We have got our gloves sorted with Nappo Gloves, luxurious gloves without the luxury prices but about our parkas? They definitely cost a fortune and even if you can find a good priced parka, the quality is usually very poor. So did our research and found ESKI. They produce stylish, functional and high quality parkas without the luxury mark ups!

So who is ESKI?

ESKI is from Singapore and was founded by team of passionate entrepreneurs who love to travel and explore the world. However during their travels, finding the perfect and an affordable winter jackets was not easy, so they decided to create ESKI, producing high quality jackets with affordable prices.

After spending nearly half a year creating, designing and prototyping, they have finally launched their collection of winter parka jackets and some has already sold out too! Inspired with the 20th century minimalistic urban wear, their jackets are timeless and meant for everyone!

We have finally found a new label from Singapore! That’s another country ticked from our world list tour!

How affordable are they parkas?

So we have told you that the parka are very much affordable, so how much do they cost? The starting price for classic parka jacket cost around $129/ £96 / € 108. This is very, very affordable for what you are getting. If you check the price of one of the famous branded parka, it will probably cost you a couple of hundred.

The highest priced parka in ESKI collection is around $289 / £215/ €242. This jacket however as a different and more stylish look to it.

The collection

There are two styles currently available in ESKI’s collection. You have the Classic Parka and the Brooklyn Bomber.

The Classic Parka.

The ESKI classic edition redefines style by presenting itself in a simple and modern construction
ESKI Clothing

The classic parka can endure temperature at -10 degrees and the filling of the parka is 80% down and 20% features. It also has two large exterior pocket which is large enough to fit an ipad mini, a portable charger outlet, heavy Duty, rib-knit cuffs that help to keep out the cold and high collar that covers your neck and mouth.

The Brooklyn Bomber.

The ESKI Brooklyn Bomber is a modern take on the classic leather bomber jackets. Meant for both male and female
ESKI Clothing

How the low price is achieved?

We asked the same question when we say the quality of the parkas and looked at the prices. So, in order to set such an affordable price they have a very minimal business model where ESKI work differently with the manufacturers and have no middlemen.

By using this business model, they are able to set an affordable price which is around 75% compared to the traditional winter clothing brands.

We hope you have enjoyed our latest post and this has hopefully geared you up for winter. We would love to know which parka jacket is your favourite, the Classic or the Brooklyn Bomber? Do let us know in the comment below!

If you would like to know more about the parka jackets from ESKI, do visit

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Originally published at on September 14, 2017.