10 things to consider for compelling User Experience

To create a successful User Experience, there are a few key principles to keep in mind throughout the process. It is also important to note that different projects may have different needs and requirements in which these principles may not always be applicable. Understanding the importance and context of these guidelines can help you decide what methodology to incorporate in your next project.

1. UX is a Social Endeavor: Interaction with a computer was once a solo affair. The internet changed all that. Social interactions in the virtual world are now a…

It’s a matter of Journey vs. Destination

In my experience, UX and UI often get confused as the same thing for most people but this isn’t the case.

User Experience Design (UX) refers to the overall impression left on a customer after using any part of your product or website. User Interface Design (UI) is designing the experience that the user can interact with. In other words, UX is the journey one takes on the interface while UI is how someone behaves on the interface. Both elements are closely related and must work together to ensure the success of the…

Personas make it far easier to craft a flexible front-end design and pattern your site to be future-proof

Archetypes that describe the goals and behavior patterns observed among users are known as Personas.

These capture crucial behavioral data and display it in a way that both designers and stakeholders can easily make use of. The useful stories that a Persona tells can link the social and emotional aspects of user behavior and give designers a look at why the recommended design is successful or what changes need to be made. …

At NEWMEDIA we are thrilled when clients seek us out to create beautifully designed and highly functional websites. However, we often find ourselves spending a lot of time to convince clients that creating compelling content is a critical component of finding and growing a highly engaged audience. Once they are on board, they begin to realize that creating great content isn’t always easy and can take a lot of time and effort.

It is disheartening to see what can happen when a link is shared on Facebook without proper meta tags, which often results in the wrong image or description…

Content is the foundation of an effective website in that it sets the tone in all areas of your online presence. The website is simply a platform. Content is your message that not only connects with your audience but also communicates with Google.

This isn’t news but is an often undervalued aspect of building a website. Just because there are words on a page doesn’t mean that anyone will read it or that Google will even rank you. Google’s mission statement has stressed the importance of content since they opened their doors in 1998:

“Google’s mission is to organize the…

We all know that content can either make or break the success of your website. Yet content is often given a second-citizen role in the web development process, and commonly ends up being the single biggest factor that delays a new website. It’s a difficult problem to solve because the problem is almost always underestimated or misunderstood. However, it does not have to be this way, and the problem has an easy solution-content templates.

In full disclosure I have not actually used content templates on a project… yet. …

A quick overview of things to consider before you start

“Website redesign”

Two little words that can bring utter fear to the hearts of any business owner or marketing professional. The amount of work needed to create a successful redesign can be huge. However, with the right plan in place you can break that work down into manageable steps that build upon one another.

Below are a few quick tips and questions to think about before you begin your website redesign.

1. Check out your analytics. See what is working and what needs work.

Analytics, whether it’s Google Analytics or another platform, can be amazingly helpful in a redesign. Everyone makes assumptions on what is…

You’ve invested heavily in a Drupal website. But are you losing money every day through missed opportunities and increased costs? Here’s how we’ve helped clients — from start-ups to nonprofits to big brand names — increase their website ROI 513% starting with an inexpensive but in-depth Drupal audit.

You researched thoroughly, and decided that Drupal was the best solution for your needs. You invested a substantial amount, both of time and money, and worked with a trusted partner to get the website deployed. But ever since then, you’ve had issues with updates, unexpected slowness or latency, abandoned shopping carts if…

It’s not always as obvious as you might think

So, you’re looking to create or revamp your website.

You have a lot of options and are not sure whether you need a website designer or website developer, or both! There is a guy on Craigslist in Narnia who develops websites at a moderate cost. There is a full service agency that will give you a team of 10 people dedicated solely to your project. Your cousin Earl learned some HTML back when Silicon Valley was just another West Coast slum. …

Similar to routine oil changes and other maintenance services for your car, ongoing security patches and software updates are necessary to ensure your website stays protected and performant. In the sections below, we review the many factors that will help you determine the right plan and maintenance frequency to meet your website’s needs.

When is a Website “Done?”

When a new website launches, there can be a tremendous sense of accomplishment felt by everyone on the project that worked long and hard to get it to the finish line. After much celebrating, everyone on the project eventually moves on to the next goal because the…

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