The Perspective : Chapter 1

It was a cold day with just enough warmth in the air that one doesn’t shiver. I was lying on the bed of the river, the water not completely still. The wind, splashing few drops of water in the air that I could feel on my face. It was cold and refreshing. I could feel my breadth, hear it actually. It never felt so silent before.

I touched the surface of river bed with my bare hands and it felt like a rough cushion. I turned my head towards the ground so I could see what it looked like. I’ve never seen the land so green, so beautiful. I could not describe the feeling; was it joy? was it surprise? I felt like a child who was learning colors.

Where have I been before? Is this even real? It felt lonely and peaceful at the same time. In that moment I realized I could just die. I had, what I wanted in my entire life. I had no fears and felt so much joy that I could just die.

Just then, I heard a noise, it seemed familiar. I tried to find where it came from but I could see no one. I heard it over and over again. I decided to focus on my breath instead so the noise would eventually go away. I was struggling to listen to the rhythm of my breath but all I could hear was the noise.

A sudden jerk and I was taken back to reality. Maria was standing near me trying to wake me up.

“Where the hell have you been? I have been trying to call you since half an hour. We have a conference call in next 5 mins. Buckle up and get your questions straight. This one is a huge party. We can’t miss our only shot!” — Maria screamed at me.

Well, to tell you, Maria is a hot chic. Some say, she quit modelling to pursue higher education b’coz she believed in brains, not beauty. Funny, I think! Blonde hair, tight ass, big boobs who on earth really cares about your degree? Only a dumb hottie like Maria would disagree!

I usually love to see her around. Just a smile or a stare eases the work pressure. But today, it was different. I felt more irritated by her presence. Her voice — like a screech, pained my ears. I decided to stand up and leave, get myself a caffeine shot so I could just go back to business. Next eight hours of my day were busy as hell and I try not to recollect and create pressure.

It was 2:00 am in the night and I couldn’t stop thinking about the place near the river. I tried drawing pictures in my head, trying to recreate the calm and peace it made me feel. But it was still incomplete. I was lying in the grass near the river bed but it felt I won’t be able to stay longer. In my head, the time was ticking and I had to go away, get back to sleep, back to business.

It was the first day in my 31 years of life when I thought if there could ever be anything that could give so much peace, so much content, so much happiness that you desire no more.

To be cntd..

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