I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better When You’re Gone

Donald who?

Welp. Donald Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg on Saturday. Not only was the speech terrible as a performance, it contained many terrible things like threats to sue each and every woman who accused him of sexual assault, threats to break up media companies who “opposed” him and “poisoned the minds of the people” along with the now horrifyingly familiar assertions that the election is rigged against him. He proposed impossible things like a Constitutional amendment on— oh, hell.

“I just wish I could have one day where I didn’t have to think about Donald Trump,” said the exasperated exhausted woman at work and hundreds of millions of people the world over.

You know what. Forget I said anything. Have you heard of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards?

If funny animals don’t do it for you, can I remind you that The Princess Bride is streaming on Netflix?

That doesn’t do it for you? Wow, uh, tough crowd. Wait, I know.

Yeah. Yeah.

Happy Saturday.