Interaction Design Evaluation

In this sprint, my goal was to understand the process of interaction design and prototyping of software application called POP. Considering the practice of citizen science which the general public contributes in collecting data, I chose the topic about the listing of plants in King County.

At first, I started off with asking broad questions such as ‘How can I bring more people to join my research?’ and ‘What kind of functions on the app will be convenient to use?’ And then I started to brainstorm ideas to arrange, evaluate and collect the thoughts. In order to create an app that is easy to use and familiar to most people, I attempted to make it as simple as possible while keeping its originality.

Before the users to start the app, it would be beneficial to figure out what kind of people will be motivated to participate. Therefore, I asked the users to provide their general information i.e., e-mail, username and password. Once they are signed in, a simple menu screen appears. It shows three options: List, Add, and Rankings. For the List section, I put all the plants that were entered already in alphabetical order so if the user wants to find the information about the plant, he or she can find it easily. Also, the user can upload the plants by clicking the Add section. Once the user takes a picture of a plant, it automatically geotags its location and the user can fill out other information such as a name of the plant. This connects to the ranking point system which will motivate more people to join. Below are some sample pictures of the app.

Sign up screen on the left, Menu screen on the right

Here is the final version of my application:

I enjoyed doing this project because it gave an opportunity to learn and think about interaction design from the navigating user to motivate people to use the app. Although it was a prototype, it was still fun to make my own app and reflect on it. However, it would have been better if I could test my app to the public to get better feedback. I wish I had the opportunity to demonstrate my app to individuals who have not used this app before. In doing so, I would have received quality feedback from the first time users. I also wanted to go more in detail, but this was not possible due to lack of time. If given the opportunity, I would like to go into more detail of interaction design.

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