Cold War lessons in coercive diplomacy for dealing with North Korea today
FSI Stanford

There is no US military solution to the crisis with North Korea. North Korea continues to launch missiles and explode nuclear weapons because China wants them too.

Beijing will consider any attack on North Korea to be an attack on China. And hundreds of thousands of Chinese troops would quickly move into North Korea just as they did during the first Korean War.

China and Russia want the US out of South Korea and the Asian Pacific region in general. And they’re using North Korea as a proxy in order to do that.

But because of the irrational behavior of the North Korean regime, the US really has no choice but to demand that North Korea ends its ballistic missile program and its nuclear program.

The only way to do that, IMO, is for the US, South Korea, and Japan to place a 50% tariff on all products imported from China until China forces North Korea to end its missile and nuclear programs. If North Korea fails to end its missile and nuclear program after a years time then tariffs on Chinese products should increase to 100% until North Korea finally ends its missile and nuclear programs.

Once North Korea has ended its missile and nuclear program, tariffs on Chinese imports should be lowered to 15%.


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