A New Politics Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation

There is an obvious stigma associated with politics on Thanksgiving.

Don’t panic.

The dinner table has always been a place to share food & ideas. Despite a self-aware aversion to politics over in our country, we at New Politics believe civility can be maintained. Take an extra ten seconds to consider your audience & adjust accordingly.

Honest discourse is a hallmark of American democracy.

In the spirit of the holiday, and family being together, we encourage you to find some common ground. Avoid specific issues and narrow in on what you expect from the individuals who represent you. Values-based conversations tend to lead to more productive outcomes. Even if there’s disagreement around the table about specific policies, platforms, or politicians, you’re bound to find agreement with others on the kind of nation we should be and the virtues our leaders should embody.

What are the values of your ideal political candidate?

New Politics believes our nation needs leaders who have served in both the military and national service organizations. When you serve, you learn how to work together with people from different backgrounds, lead diverse teams, and solve tough problems. You learn what it means to lead with courage, integrity, and empathy — and how to put country first.

Having trouble picking core values?

Take the Pew Research quiz to define your political leanings. That should help point you in the right direction.

What is New Politics?

New Politics was founded in 2013 by City Year alumna Emily Cherniack, who saw during her service and subsequent political experience both the lack of support for national service alumni trying to re-enter public service and the transformational impact they could have if elected.

New Politics revitalizes American democracy by recruiting, developing, and electing servant leaders who put community and country over self.