Hormone Replacement Therapy Good for Women

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. The advantage of compounded HRT is that it can be adapted specifically to fit each individual’s body and hormone levels. If your hormones become unbalanced, whether due to menopause or other factors, you may end up feeling like a stranger in your own skin. However, hormone replacement therapy is a way to restore balance and help you feel like yourself again.

HRT Compounded Orange County can provide a hormone evaluation for the patient to fill out. A pharmacist experienced in HRT may assist the health care provider in helping interpret the results of serum of saliva tests which measure a patient’s hormone levels. The healthcare provider, compounding pharmacist, and the patient can use the results of these diagnostic tools to help determine a course of treatment which will give the patient the exact amount of hormones her body needs.

Working closely with a woman and her healthcare provider, a compounding pharmacist can help a woman start and maintain a bio-identical hormone replacement regimen that brings her hormones back into balance and closely mimics what her body has been doing naturally for years. HRT Compounded Orange County and healthcare provider’s prescription, the pharmacist can prepare hormones in a variety of strengths and dosage forms, including:

· Capsules

· Topical or vaginal creams, gels, and foams

· Suppositories

· Sublingual drops or troches

Once the therapy is begun, the pharmacist will continue to work with the woman and her prescriber to make sure the Hormone Replacement Therapy Orange County is working correctly, adjusting the dosage if necessary, and ensuring that the medication is just right for her body.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Orange County is a treatment that consists of medication prescribed to women by a family physician. The medication is designed to counteract the effects of menopause. These medications contain female hormones like estrogen and progestin, which is a man-made version of the naturally occurring progesterone.

Benefits to Hormone Replacement

There are a few benefits to using hormone replacement therapy in the short term. Women seem to gain protection against the loss of bone density, colorectal cancer, and heart disease. Studies show that this lowers the chance of fractures and broken bones. The decrease in heart disease occurs when hormone therapy is started at the beginning of menopause. Of course, benefits also include the reduction in menopausal symptoms like mood swings and trouble sleeping as well.

HRT has decreased over the past ten years, although it is still an effective treatment for some individuals. HRT can reduce menopausal symptoms and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. Still, the side effects and health risks associated with the process make it necessary to carefully consider the therapy before choosing it for long term treatment.

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