A memory lane of the Agile community in Singapore — Part 1 (The beginning)

Stanly Lau
May 8, 2016 · 4 min read
One of the casual meetups over dinner. Bas Vodde (second to the right) and Craig Larman (second to the left).
First meetup from Meetup.com/Agile-Singapore. Adrian Cumiskey (rightmost)
Output from the meetup
Second coding dojo on DictionaryReplacer kata
Lasse Koskela (author of Test Driven and Effective Unit Testing) sharing Iterative UX Design with Scrum
June Kim (founder of Korean agile/XP community) sharing Success Factors of Agile Projects in South Korea
Carl Coryell and Mike Grafton presenting Advanced Backlog Management @ Pivotal Labs
Volunteers Senthil and Konstantin (in red shirts) helping out at the exhibit.
Playing ball-point game with the public to simulate the concept of iterative development.

Stanly Lau

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