How To Delegate Cosmos Atoms

Delegating or re-delegating your atoms is made pretty easy by the Lunie web-wallet. All you need is a Ledger Nano with the Cosmos app installed on it and some Atoms of course.

Step 1)
Open the Lunie wallet, plug in your ledger and open the Cosmos app on your Ledger. Press the Sign In button on the top right corner and Press Use Ledger Nano

Choose Use Ledger Nano

Step 2)

Plugin in your Ledger, open the Cosmos app and press Sign in

Sign in after opening the Cosmos app on your Ledger device

Step 3)

After you have successfully signed in press Staking in the left menu of the main screen.

Main screen

Step 4)

Press NewRoad.Capital from the list of Validators

Staking with NewRoad.Capital

Step 5)

Press the Delegate button in the right corner

Press Delegate

Step 6)

Enter the amount you wish to Delegate in the Amount field and press Next

Enter Amount

Review the fees and press Next


First Plugin in your Ledger, open the Cosmos app and then press the Send button.

Send the transaction

Verify the delegate transaction on your ledger and sign the transaction by pressing both buttons on your Ledger device.

If you need support with delegating your Atoms to Newroad please do contact us on our Telegram channel or by our Contact form on Newroad.Capital