NewRoad — Community grants program

NewRoad.Capital is thrilled to announce a community grants program to build community and awareness in the ICON ecosystem.

This initiative exemplifies our mission of supporting decentralized communities with real funds supporting real action. We are putting our capital in to help build this community. We want to be more and be an active contributor to this ecosystem, and help bring impactful players into ICON as well.

Why a grant? Well it allows us to focus in on what we do best — provide a secure and reliable ICON infrastructure and Govern the ICON Network. These are critical functions for the community, and we don’t want to lose sight of that as our central role. However, there are so many amazing ideas in the space, we want to help push the limits of what’s possible by giving you money to bring them to life.

The details:

Q: Who are these grants for?

A: Individuals or organizations that will contribute to the growth of the ICON community and its ecosystem including (but not limited to) software development, content generation, community support, and more. We are especially eager to fund the creation of innovative tools and content that have real world impact right now.

Q: Where do the funds come from?

A: The grant program will be funded with ICX from a part of the earnings we will make when we are voted as a P-rep for the ICON community. Yes, we’re taking our earnings and putting them directly into the hands of community members. Go build something.

Q: When does this program begin?

A: Once NewRoad.Capital is elected as a P-rep for ICON we will put this program into motion. You will be able to apply once we add the application form to our website approximately one month after the P-rep election concludes.

Q: How much?

A: To kickstart the program, for the first 3 months 50% of all the earnings as a P-rep will go into the grants fund.

For the next 3 months 50% of the profit will go into the fund.

After the first 6 months, we will re-evaluate the funding needs for the program, and we will engage with our awardees and the community to determine the best path forward.

Q: How will proposals be evaluated?

A: Our team will conduct application review to find a match for vision, scope, and timeline that aligns with ICON and NewRoad objectives.
● Proposers must contact NewRoad ahead of proposal submission to indicate interest in the grant program.
● Proposals must have a timeline and funding request for under 3 months of P-rep funding. There will be flexibility here as we assess proposals. More details to come on projected amounts as validator estimate models are built and released.
● Proposals must complete all sections of the application form posted on the website.
● Proposals that pass initial review must undergo a technical review that includes reviewers from NewRoad and the ICON community to assess technical viability.
● Final round Proposers will work with NewRoad to undergo due diligence review that may include prior development work checks, experience, background, reference checks, etc.
● NewRoad may implement an anonymized public voting mechanism to help evaluate proposals.

Q: What else should I know?

A: We are still working out how we will publicize the awardees. Our intention is to not publicly announce any individual or organization without their consent, but we do want to highlight good work done for the community. You should know that we’re working to protect your privacy.

Summary: We are passionate about the potential that ICON has to connect the world through distributed technology. This program is our way of helping to build, by letting you spend your energy creating the future. We believe that both will generate returns that add value to those willing to be bold and create.