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Introducing ourselves

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Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us, NewRoad.Capital. We are a dedicated and highly capable candidate for P-Rep for the ICON network.

Who we are

  1. NewRoad.Capital is a small independent POS staking and delegation company with experience as a delegator for Cosmos & IRISnet, and also as a baker for Tezos (under the name Tezos Vote). We are based in the Netherlands, and are excited to scale to enterprise delegation and governance requirements as the POS blockchain space grows.
  2. We are very enthusiastically joining the ICON project as we believe that it has the potential to uproot traditional technology service providers in a democratized, and open manner. This aligns with our core goals of being early supporters in the revolution of democratic, globally secure, permissionless, and transparent information and technology networks.

Why NewRoad.Capital?

  1. Experienced Delegator
    The core reason to delegate ICON with NewRoad.Capital is our experience as a delegator across other POS networks. We are highly involved in the technology and governance with Tezos (over 4 million voting power), Cosmos (over 240,000 voting power), and IRISnet (over 9 million), and will continue to provide stellar service when working with funds in ICON. Our next benchmark as a small company is to build out a process for communication with our stakers to send and receive feedback about governance and other ICON-related issues as the network grows and democratic participation reaches critical issues.
  2. Giving back in grants
    We are demonstrating our commitment to ICON with a Grants Program. We are committing to a portion of the p-rep earnings from the ICON delegation service to a grants program to support growing and strengthening the ICON community — this includes software development, content generation, community support, or other projects. Stay tuned for announcements!
  3. Our core philosophy
    As a young company, deep in blockchain and decentralized finance and technology, we are first and foremost in this space for the revolution. Bitcoin enabled an incredible advancement in our ability to democratize and open up systems, and only in the past five years have we started to see the monumental impacts that secure permissionless ledgers can have across computing, storage, environmental impact, decentralized finance, and more.
    It is our core mission to use real resources to support projects that we believe have an honest potential for improving markets to build a sustainable economic future.
    We believe that ICON meets these goals because of their aggressive work with existing industries and commitment to transparency and democratic governance.


  1. NewRoad.Capital is deeply committed to bringing the global decentralized revolution to fruition by supporting projects that have unique and achievable goals, but still retain the lofty vision for real change. We consider ICON to have a blend of real traction and a vision of interconnectedness that the next phase of decentralization requires.
  2. ICON’s governance model is core to the philosophy that NewRoad supports, as evidenced by our highly fruitful participation in Tezos, Cosmos, and IRISnet. With this clear alignment of goals, we are bringing our experience, technology, and hard resources to support ICON and community. We believe that we represent a powerful ally for the thousands, millions, and eventual billions of users and token holders to participate in the new blockchain economy.
  3. We are excited to get started — thank you for considering us as P-Rep candidates.

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