Top Hindi News Portals In India

If you are busy in your life that you have no time in reading the newspaper, then you can read out the important news by the list of best Hindi news portals in India. There are varieties of news portals are present on the web, but only a few of them can provide you with the right kind of information with a great commitment to quality content. Let’s have a closer look at some of these websites:

Aaj Tak News

It is one of the trusted & famous Hindi news channels in our country. It is among the top Hindi news websites in India which are well known for its quality content & media coverage.

Dainik Bhaskar

Widely famous & one of the largest service provider in newspaper market, Dainik Bhaskar is among the leaders in readership. One can read the important news at their official web portal. Apart from that, one can choose the city & state according to the user’s preference & can read conveniently the news regarding that city or state. Their E-paper format is also very convenient to read.


For finding the news related to your state or a city, you can take help of this news portal. Here the user can read about the latest ongoing or future events with your own choice of language. Their website is news in layout & updated with the fresh content. This is a fresh website in the names of Hindi News Portals in India.

Khas Khabar

One can get updated with the latest happenings in your country with the help of Khas Khabar. This news web portal is very interesting & honest in their content delivery. One can find the news related to the sports, politics, business, entertainment, world news, etc. without any hesitation.


It is a Hindi newspaper published & managed by the Hindustan Times media Pvt. Ltd. This newspaper has its own 19 different editions across the country. The daily average readership of the Hindustan Times is almost 14.76 million. This newspaper is widely known for the type of content & media coverage with quality news. This newspaper is published by the name of Live Hindustan in digital media.


It is one of the most trusted & a leader in the readership survey with the average rating of 16 million readers daily. It is given as the title of one of the most trusted newspaper by the World association of Newspapers. As far as its credibility is concerned, it has bagged many awards by the BBS Reuters. This newspaper was launched by the Puran Chandra Gupta dated back to the British India in 1942 from Jhansi.


One can stay updated with the latest happenings around your state, city or across the country with the list of these web portals. The few other names that can provide you access to the fresh Hindi news can be OneIndiaNews, IBN Khabar, Nav Bharat Times & These are some of the best Hindi news portals for their credibility & correctness in delivery the right type of content.

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