5 Keys to Effective Leadership for Techies

President at Growth Warrior; Business growth and leadership coach; Startup Advisor, Mentor and Venture Judge

Former CMO, product management executive and public company spokesperson

Launched 100+ products, 10+ M&A and an IPO

Inner, Outer and Interpersonal Growth Framework

5 Keys to Leadership

For example, the data area is complicated, business is using it to boost growth truly. However, we are also hearing concerns about data privacy and abuse.

In this case, a practitioner had better know what matters to him or her most. Once you know yourself clearly, you would be working in alignment with the majority, individuals, or organizations.

Why Do These Matter?

Good Leadership V.S. Poor Leadership


Back in the day, when I worked as a product manager, I designed some technology platforms. So I was the bridge between the business and the technology team.

I remember that I built up a spec, I handed it off to the tech guys and I had used a company acronym. When they coded it, they quoted the acronym not spelling out the full company name as I had expected them to. We uncovered that as we were getting ready to test.

It was a really important lesson for me to learn that you need to have this open communication with the team so that everyone’s on the same page, and people are speaking the same language.

Any Advice on Data Analyst Career Growth?



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