Here’s How To Unlock The Good Vibes

Hint: pass it on…

It most definitely is

And it’s fueling these two young ladies to run a business with a dual purpose: pay some feels forward and end homelessness in Los Angeles (U.S.)

Their amazing social enterprise is called The Giving Keys, and the concept is fantastico:

  • Get an engraved key on a necklace with a word like BRAVE, STRENGTH, or LET GO
  • Embrace that word, then, when you feel you’ve lived up to it…
  • Pay it forward by giving it to someone else you believe it would inspire.

How do you find that person?

You’ll just know. It’ll feel right in your gut and your heart 😻

Take a walk

The idea came to Caitlin Crosby (on the right) in 2010 one day as she ran into a homeless couple on the street who made necklaces.

The next day she bought engraving equipment and encouraged them to make jewelry.

A few years later, Brit Gilmoure (on the left) joined the team and since then, The Giving Keys has sold over 500,000 keys and has empowered over 70 people to transition out of homelessness.

Dream a little dream

Because everyone deserves a second chance, The Giving Keys hires people who are going through some of life’s toughest obstacles.

In fact, it’s one of their lovely core values: Dream — “dream because who we’ll be tomorrow is not defined by who we were yesterday.” Ah, sooooo good.

With each job, the staff are offered various benefits, paid time-off for important stuff like education, housing and case work appointments — not to mention a supportive and positive work environment.

Here’s to never judging anyone for their past. Ever.

P.S. — We wonder who Ryan Gosling gave his key to?

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