Rock On

The new future of paper and plastic

Rock 👊, paper 👊, business?

This is Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, and he used to sell cars. Now, he’s selling the future.

He always wanted to be a part of something that will last hundreds of years. The answer to his dreams is a rock that is found in abundance everywhere on Earth.

Limestone for the win

Nobuyoshi’s company, TBM, uses limestone rock to produce paper and plastic. It’s a revolutionary technology called LIMEX, and it will probably save the world’s trees and help cut our dependency on oil.

The process in making limestone paper does not use water, nor pulp from trees. And the science behind limestone plastic allows for a waaaay cheaper alternative to petroleum-based plastic.

Phew, because we’re gonna run out of oil in a few decades anyways.

Plus, who wouldn’t want waterproof paper?

Future-proof biz

Estimates are, that by 2050, 40% of the world’s population is expected to face water shortage — that’s nearly 4 billion people 😯

Add to this, the fact that if we don’t change our ways of doing business and saving our trees, there might not be any more trees for industry to harvest in 100 years.

We might not have a Magic 8-ball, but we’ll put our Bitcoin (if we had any) on the fact that Nobuyoshi-san is most definitely on the right track to selling his products to our great-great-grandkiddies.

Only question left is, do scissors beat limestone paper? ✂️️

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