Making A Statement: Colorado Is Legalizing Marijuana, Again

Pot smokers, take a celebratory puff from your marijuana cigarettes, because the marijuana legalization effort just got a huge helping hand from Colorado. The state just announced that it will legalize cannabis a second time in a gesture of support and solidarity with legalization efforts in states where marijuana is still illegal.

“Colorado made a huge statement when it first legalized personal marijuana use back in 2012, establishing itself as a champion for marijuana use rights, and personal frights and freedoms in general,” said governor John Hickenlooper, a vocal supporter of the effort to legalize marijuana again.

“It is making another, similar statement today by moving forward with legislation that will legalize marijuana for a second time.”

“To be clear, Marijuana is now very legal here.”

Many Colorado marijuana users welcomed the new law, taking it as a sign that attitudes towards marijuana use have shifted even further since legalization in 2012.

“This is a testament to Colorado’s belief that no one should be prevented from obtaining marijuana for personal or medicinal use, even people who didn’t know that weed is legal in Colorado,” said Morgan Whimsby, leader of the Colorado For Regalization advocacy group.

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