Stepping Up: Ashton Kutcher Just Said He Will Donate His Body To Whoever Fixes Climate Change

The fight against climate change just got a huge celebrity boost. Actor and investor Ashton Kutcher announced that he will donate his body to whoever can wean humanity off fossil fuels and fix man-made climate change.

“The person who successfully halts the century-long rise in average global temperatures will be able to do whatever they want to my body once I am dead,” promised Kutcher during a press event on Tuesday.

“This is my contribution to the effort to halt the disastrous effects of increased CO2 emissions: my cold, naked corpse.”

Kutcher explained that his body will be delivered to the home of whoever fixes climate change 24 hours after he is declared dead by a licensed physician.

“If multiple people successfully claim credit for the halting of man-made climate change, they will share Mr. Kutcher’s body,” said a spokesperson for the That 70s Show actor.

“Also, if climate change is not fixed before Mr. Kutcher dies, his body will be kept in storage until the person who stops climate change is identified.”

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