Top 3 Leading Blockchain Agencies [Case Studies and Projects Overview]

Paul Lennie
4 min readJun 11, 2019

As a thriving industry, blockchain has reached the point where theory has to be put into practice, and use cases have to be seen to separate the major players from the pretenders. Some of these companies have been very successful in doing this, but others have yet to prove themselves. We will focus on the companies and projects that have been making waves in the blockchain industry. Here are some of the most successful blockchain development companies and what they’re working on:


BlockchainDriven is a real blockchain success story. It was founded by a group of successful blockchain experts to serve the consulting and development needs of promising projects across the world. Since its founding, BlockchainDriven has worked on many successful blockchain projects and have developed an excellent track record of professionalism, work ethic, and creativity. They seem to have a real ability to pick out successful projects from the crowd.

One of their most recent projects was aiming to disrupt the recruiting industry. A rather slow-moving industry with a lot of money being passed around, recruiting was ripe for disruption. BlockchainDriven took this idea from a concept to a fully-fledged project ready to dominate the industry.

Their consulting work touched nearly every part of the project. They designed the tokenomics of the project, outlined the architecture of the blockchain, and composed a roadmap for the project. All in all, BlockchainDriven took this project from a zero to a hero. They also have significant experience in blockchain logistics. As covered by Yahoo Finance, they were trusted by Saint-Gobain, one of the largest companies in the world, with $41 billion in revenue per year, to introduce blockchain thought leadership to the industry. Saint-Gobain is known as an innovator in their field, and BlockchainDriven fits into this mold.


Deloitte is a massive, massive company. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t take on smaller projects every once in a while or explore new fields. They jumped on board the blockchain ship fairly early, and they have been rewarded for it. They’ve worked on several projects, offering consulting and large-view guidance in blockchain.

While they will not develop your blockchain project for you or see out the project to its completed state, they will give you an excellent roadmap made by a fairly experienced blockchain team, especially for one that is a part of a massive financial services company. However, it’s possible that if you have a project you are approaching Deloitte with, you may be turned away if your project doesn’t fit into the mold of a “Deloitte blockchain project.”

Deloitte is a finance giant, and they are positioning themselves very well to come out as an industry leader in blockchain. As the technology becomes more mainstream and more successes become known, don’t be surprised if Deloitte claims a nice slice of the pie.


EY is one of the “Big Four” financial firms, meaning they have access to quite a lot of resources. They have started to look at blockchain as an area of exploration with high potential. Recently, they unveiled Nightfall, an ambitious attempt at making the Ethereum platform more open to outside corporations. They believe that this project could disrupt supply chains, food tracing, finance, and intra-company transactions.

While EY is very proud of this project and its potential to shake up how companies use the Ethereum blockchain, it may also reveal some traits of how EY is going to interact with the developing blockchain ecosystem. Nightfall is undoubtedly a massive project, one that can change industries. However, EY is gaining a reputation of only taking on blockchain projects that could change the world. It’s nice in principle to be this ambitious, but most existing blockchain projects and idea seeds don’t need this sort of ambition out of the gate. Instead, if you have a blockchain project and you’re looking for blockchain consultancy or development, it might be a good idea to go in a different direction.


All of these companies in this article are likely to emerge as leaders in the evolving blockchain industry, due to their expertise, experience, and past performance. BlockchainDriven’s work on disrupting the recruiting industry is particularly impressive, as they are a blockchain-only company, and not one that is backed by a multi-billion dollar corporation. They have dealt with a wide variety of projects, big and small, in the blockchain space, and projects such as this recruiting one show that their flexibility and leadership in the blockchain world is likely here for the long-term.



Paul Lennie

Paul is a Scottish finance expert who moved to New York in 2002 to trade on Wall Street, and has been a blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate since 2013.