Americans may soon require a visa to visit Europe

The Economist Daily Dispatch: April 8th 2016

Visa-free travel: Tit for tat
Next week the European Commission will discuss whether to start requiring Americans and Canadians to apply for visas before they enter the EU. The aim is to pressure America into adding five EU member states, currently excluded, to the list of nationalities who can enter the United States without a visa. EU law commits its members to put up a united front when seeking reciprocal visa rules for its members, writes our business travel editor
Alcohol: To your health
Some researchers contend that wine has health benefits. Some disagree. New research shows that resveratrol, found in grapes and berries, reduced the formation of plaques in arteries in mice. But other researchers have concluded that moderate drinkers do not have lower mortality rates compared to abstainers. Such confusion illustrates why scientists are often unable to present a clear message on matters of public health

French politics: Macron’s movement
This week’s decision by Emmanuel Macron, France’s economy minister, to launch a new cross-party political movement has created an unusual buzz. If the French are to adapt to a new digital economy, he says, they must believe in themselves and stop worrying about failure or preserving old privileges. Mr Macron’s optimistic tone stands out amid the current miserabilism of French politics, writes our France correspondent
Universities in Sierra Leone: School’s out
Sierra Leone’s higher-education system was dealt a heavy blow by the Ebola outbreak. For several months in 2014 and early 2015 all its universities were closed. Disputes over fees intensified as many students lost the family breadwinner responsible for paying them. Last month a college suspended lectures until students paid their fees. Now staff are striking over pay and conditions. The country’s brain drain looks set to continue
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