ISRO Launches Seventh IRNSS Satellite to Give Country Its Own GPS

ISRO Launches Own GPS

Breaking International News Read in India — On Thursday ISRO has launched seventh, IRNSS 1-G (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR; Sriharikota at 12.50 pm.This satellite is having the distance of 284 in perigee which indicates the distance near to the earth and 20,657 in terms of apogee which indicates the fastest distance from the earth. It will help the users in designing the front end chips easily by receiving the navigation signals sent by the satellite.

This is the Latest Indian News of the Week in which PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) Flight has successfully completed its 34 mission and according to XL configuration it is only 13th in number. All the previous satellite along with the latest one is equipped with 6 Strap ons along with having tones of 12 propellants. Total cost of IRNSS mission is about 1,420 crore.

This satellite IRNSS-1G was positioned in Sub-Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit just after 20 minutes from takeoff. The Standard Positioning Service is provided by the satellite all the Indian people along with, authorized users who are having military restricted service in an encrypted field. Apart from that it is about to work with better accuracy. The Satellite will move to the entire process of testing and performance verification after 2 -3 months before use. This satellite will cover the maximum area of 1500 km from Indian boundaries.

With the launch of this satellite system India is the 5th country which is having his own navigation system. This is one of the Top News from India as it will make India free as the users will not have to depend upon other countries for navigation. “Indian will work in the best way and can plan easily for disaster relief areas in the best way” is the main words sentenced by the Prime minister of India.

Main application of IRNSS-1G satellite
✎ It will cover the navigations in Terrestrial, marine, and aerial field. 
✎ It helps in tracking of the vehicle along with playing the main part in Disaster management and fleet management.
✎ Helps the users in integrating with mobile phones, along with mapping and capturing the geodetic data which provides more help to the users. 
✎ It will also help the hikers along with travelers in terrestrial navigation 
✎ Lastly, it will also help the drivers for visual and voice navigation


According to the Prime minister, Mr Modi, this satellite is dedicated to fisherman and Indian mariners who have been navigating his way points only by judging the sun and stars from last many years, but still have performed their task in the best way through their strength and determination part. This system has been names as Naviks which is the other name for Mariners.