The Evolution Of Video Game Controllers

Video game controllers have evolved for the better for 30 years and recently presented controllers for the latest consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the best so far. We have made a list of the most important models that influenced the 36-year development.

1. The Atari Joystick (1977)

The form of the Atari 2600 has shown as a huge revolutionary in this industry. The simplicity and flexibility of the joystick has improved gameplay and opened new doors for future video games.

2. NES Controller (1983)

NES popularized the idea of the moving button in the form of the cross. This is much more than a designer finesse — the shape allows bigger preciseness in more video games, the first being my childhood favorite Street Fighter.

3. Genesis (1988)

The curvy design of this joystick is what puts it in the list. The design of the whole joystick was revolutionary, the sheer art form of the design and because of the great buttons.

4. SNES Controller(1990)

SNES like its ancestor had similar buttons but it popularized the front buttons that are now used in every console.

5. N64 Controller (1996)

When it first appeared people did not accept it as well because of his 3 part shape. But this is the first appearance of the thumbstick button that allowed never before seen control in movement, and it is still used today.

6. PlayStation Dual analog (1997)

The first dual analog joystick was developed by Sony and it had 2 thumbstick buttons. Then after this they created the DualShock joystick. Now most of the games have basic functions in the dual-stick controls.

7. Dreamcast Controller (1998)

Even if it was short lived, the Dreamcast joystick made the list because of its visual memory, VMU. Not only did it save the game from your checkpoint, it also was a portable console.

8. Gamecube Wavebird (2002)

Nintendo started selling this in a set of a wireless adapter that allowed gameplay without cables. The wireless joysticks are used till this day, and the trend was set by our dear WaveBird.

9. Xbox 360 controller (2005)

The iconic Xbox joystick that was wireless, with the gamer community favorite logo that allowed to enter the menu without a need to exit the game. Since then Sony and Nintendo both made buttons of this kind.

10. Remote Controller Wii (2006)

The remote controller from Wii was on another level. With an infrared rays in the joystick they made a revolution in our gaming industry. They sold over 100 million joysticks. It set the movement controls on a different scale.

11. Wii U joystick (2012)

This controller had all of the above on the list and in comparing with the unconventional look, this one has more a traditional one. It has also a screen for touch and camera and mic.

12. PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller (2013)

Sony usually plays it safe when it comes about joysticks, but the next gen console got a next gen joystick. The DualShock 4 made drastic changes. No more the start and select buttons are present, now its share and options, a touch that is square in the center. All of that in a combination with perfect buttons a LED light makes this joystick maybe the best ever so far.

13. Xbox One контролер (2013)

The difference with this and the 360 one is that now the direction buttons are a cross, the menu is more in front. Also it has a LED light and it is above.