What Will the World Look Like in 2022?

IBM, the pioneer in development of computer technology published a survey in which they predicated how will the world change in the next five years.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Everything we speak or write will be used as an indication to our mental health. By using cognitive computers it will be possible to analyze the talking and writing of patients, which would indicate potential mental problems. These computers will analyze context, syntax and intonation of speech and later will combine these results with those from the MRI and EEG. Such devices could provide the doctors with information leading them to discover and treat diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

2. Superhero Vision

In five years new devices with the help of artificial intelligence and modern technology will give us the opportunity to see beyond the visible spectrum so far. The interesting part is that these kinds of devices will be portable and affordable, which means that “Superhero Vision” will become a part of our everyday lives.

3. Macroscope

Macroscope is part of a software and an algorithm that analyzes all of the Earth’s complex data in space and time. Today, scientists estimate that around 80% of time is spent on selection and clearing of data, instead of analyzing and understanding it. Thanks to the technology, we are becoming a part of the process of digitization of the physical world.

4. Medical Chips

In 2022, medical chips will be real nanotechnology health detectives. They will follow the invisible marks in our bodies and will recognize when it’s the time to see the doctor. The goal scientists want to achieve is to make a silicon chip that will make all the laboratory complex processes needed to analyze the disease.

5. Smart Sensors

In five years the new devices could enable detection of invisible gas leaks. The bigger part of the pollution is invisible for the human eye, all up to that point when the consequences are inevitable. Methane is the primary component of natural gas, which is considered a pure form of energy. But, leaking of methane in the air before being used heathens the Earth’s atmosphere, and that makes it the second largest contributor for global warming, right after the carbon monoxide (CO2).