NewsMeme product Timeline

I (Saurav Tomar) started working on NewsMeme right from 1st January 2016, (after the learning from the failure of my previous startup Chestream). This was a move from video aggregation to video creation, in the specific niche of News video. Since then we have expanded our team to 10 people now, some of whom are professional narrators, ex-radio jockeys, and known people in journalism industry, and some amazing interns.

Here’s our timeline of an amazing past 4 months

1st Jan: Inception of the idea, I start reaching poaching friends from different startups to work on this.

18th Jan: Basic MVP is written and we publish our first video on facebook.

16th Feb: Added support for creating videos in Hindi language

3rd March: Added ticker text feed in videos

20th March: Launched Instapush(automated narrations)

28th march: We start reaching 1 lakh video reach per week through social media.

1st April: Launched NewsMeme android app

4th April: Content partnership with PressPlay

7th April: Website launch (with dynamic web page creation, hosted on github pages)

11th April: Launched NewsMeme — हिन्दी

26th April: Added gif inclusion in newsmeme videos.

1st May: Major improvements in the UI of videos

24th May: Launched NewsMeme for media businesses

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