What is NewsMeme ?

Here’s a news article,

And here’s a news video of the same article

That’s what we do at NewsMeme, we convert news articles to news videos. To achieve this we have a end to end process, powered by machine learning, automated narration, and semi-automated video processing. If you don’t like robotic voice, we also have the option of video narrated by human voice as well. We’ve been at it since the beginning of 2016 and working day and night to put a dent in the world of journalism.

Here’s a video describing our amazing services for Media Businesses

Not only do we help our media clients to create interesteding visual content from text/pictures, we also enable our them to auto-publish visual content on all major social media platforms

Facebook/Youtube : 30 sec videos (4:3 aspect ratio)

Instagram : 15sec videos (1:1 aspect ratio)

Vine : 6sec videos (1:1)

Twitter : 3sec gifs (1:1)

Mobile App : Vertical Videos (2:3 & 9:16 aspect ratio)

Our clients have seen engagements more than quadruple on their social media pages after using our services.

Interested in learning more? Drop a mail at saurav@newsmeme.in 😎

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