HORRIFYING! Girl chops off boyfriend’s private part after he refused her for marriage, sex — Here’s the chilling story

New Delhi: In a horrific incident, a 23-year-old girl reportedly chopped off the private part of her boyfriend after he refused to marry her.

The victim, a 35-year-old, has been admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital where he underwent surgery.

According to the police, he was attacked while he was at his Delhi’s Mangolpuri residence.

The incident took place on Wednesday night.

Police said that the victim and his girlfriend were in the relationship for four years.

On the night of the crime, he was called by the girl’s family members at her house where he made it clear that he cannot marry her as his family is totally against this relationship.

The victim in his complaint said that the girl took him in his bathroom and asked him to get sexual with her.

The police officer said that after the victim refused her offer, the girl in a fit of rage cut his private part with a knife she had brought from the kitchen.

The victim claimed that at the time of the incident, the girl’s brother and sister-in-law were present there, however, according to him they did not try to save him.

After the attack, he ran out of the house for help.

Some neighbours informed the police about the incident and rushed him to a hospital where he underwent a surgery.

Meanwhile, the girl and her family were absconding since the incident, said the police.