How your first freelance clients shape your future business.

As freelancers your first clients can shape how your business grows and evolves into a profitable business.

As freelancers your first clients can shape how your business grows and evolves into a profitable business.

Testing Ground

Your first freelance clients allow you to test your freelance service idea to ensure it can grow to become a profitable income source for you as a freelancer.

Many freelancers have a tendency to offer a service in their market without doing any real research into the needs of the market or industry.

Just because you have a freelance service, it doesn’t automatically make it a business opportunity unless you have clients who are willing to pay for the service.

What is the difference between a service idea and a business opportunity?

A freelance business opportunity presents itself when the freelancer understands the specific problem clients face in their market place and have a specific solution for that service.

Freelancers can often gain more momentum and accelerate the success of their business by focusing on a specific industry or group. Your business may target more than one group its important any targeted markets or groups are specific and solve a particular problem.

Until you have paying clients you cannot properly validate your business as an opportunity. Your first clients allow you to get invaluable feedback and will give you the opportunity to pivot and ensure your value aligns with clients needs.

To learn more listen to Freelance FAQ episode 6. Why are my first clients so important.


Your first clients give you the opportunity to test your market assumptions and ensure your service meets the needs of clients. Freelancers trying to establish themselves in a market can sometimes be apprehensive in asking for feedback due to a lack of confidence or experience. There are a number of ways inexperienced freelancers can ask for feedback in a way that can help shape their business.

  1. Needs assessment. A questionnaire or checklist for clients to complete prior to engagement. This will help you assess their concerns and ensure the service you deliver can meet client objectives and expectations.
  2. Completion assessment. An assessment completed at the finalisation of the service or project to ensure the client is satisfied with the outcome. This is often a good opportunity to ask about yourself as a service provider.

Do you need to pivot?

After finalising your first client engagements you will have a good insight into the issues clients are actually facing and how your service was received. Listen to what your clients are saying. Does your service solve their problem and meet their needs? If not, you may need to refine your service to make sure you deliver something clients need.

By using your first clients to validate your market assumptions you can refine your service to ensure you have found a profitable market for your service.

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