16/05/2017 — Ivory Coast ex-rebels accept gov offer; Corbyn launches the Labour manifesto.

Worldwide (cybercrime): The WannaCry ransomware attack lost steam- no new infections were reported yesterday. Cybersecurity experts are pointing to circumstantial evidence that North Korea may be behind the attack. Further Readings: The WannaCry ransomware hackers made some real amateur mistakes (Wired).

China (floods): Since the 11th of May more than 1,600 people from Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces have been evacuated from their homes and required emergency resettlement in Jiangxi (700 people), Chongqing (300), Fujian (200), Guizhou (200), Hubei (100) and Hunan (100) due to strong rainfall that caused floods.

Bangladesh (famine): 10 000 people in the remote Sajek Valley of Chittagong Hill Tracts face a severe food crisis, deriving from failed crops associated with climatic changes.

United Nations

The UN Security Council meets today to discuss North Korea’s latest missile launch.

A new round of Syria peace talks opens today in Geneva. Syria President Assad has recently called the Geneva process “null”, telling Belarus’s ONT channel that it had become “merely a meeting for the media”. UN’s Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura has dismissed suggestions that the Astana negotiations were overshadowing the Geneva track:“We’re working in tandem,” he said yesterday.

European Union

The Council of the European Union met yesterday to discuss the situation in Venezuela. Today it released the conclusions, including that all parties should refrain from violent acts, jailed political opponents should be released and constitutional rights should be respected.

US President Donald Trump meets with Turkish President Erdogan. Erdogan has criticized Trump for supporting Kurdish militias in Syria that Turkey considers a terrorist affiliate.

Tunisia: The state of emergency, which has been in force since 2015 following a series of militant attacks, has been extended by one month.

Uganda: Ugandan and US military officials will officially end their mission to capture or kill Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Ivory Coast: A four-day mutiny by ex-rebel soldiers in Ivory Coast has ended after they accepted a government offer.

US: Yesterday the Washington Post published a bombshell: President Trump had shared highly sensitive, highly classified information about the ISIS fight with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov when the two men met in the Oval Office last week. Further Readings: Just how sensitive was the information Trump reportedly revealed to the Russians? (Just Security); Trump’s classified disclosure is shocking but legal (Bloomberg); Trump says he divulged intelligence to Russians because he’s such a great guy (The Intercept).

Turkey: According to Greek press reports, 20 Turkish F-16, 5 CN-235 maritime surveillance aircraft and 19 helicopters entered the Athens flight information region without submitting a flight plan a total of 141 times yesterday.

Philippines: President Rodrigo Duterte said today he would push for the inclusion of Turkey and Mongolia to join the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) after leaders of both countries expressed their desire to do so over the weekend at Beijing’s Belt and Road infrastructure Summit.

France: Three French gay rights groups have accused the Russian republic of Chechnya of a policy of genocide towards gay people in a complaint filed at the International Criminal Court.

Italy: Top court rules Sikhs can’t carry religious knives; Priest among 68 arrests as Italy cracks open mafia ring running migrant centre.

UK: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launches the Labour manifesto, which includes taking Britain’s railways back into public ownership, Building 100,000 affordable homes a year and a review into reforming council tax and business rates, in favour of options such as a land value tax, among other things.

Jeremy Corbyn (Wikimedia Commons)

Papua New Guinea: A Papuan official at the Australian offshore detention center on Manus Island told detainees to “consider” their options ahead of the center’s October 31 closure. Australia is offering asylum seekers up to $20,000 to forgo their protection claims and return to their countries of origin.

An Underground College for Undocumented Immigrants

Jonathan Blitzer in The New Yorker follows identical twins Melissa and Ashley, undocumented students, throughout college.

The painful truth about teeth

Mary Jordan & Kevin Sullivan in The Washington Post explain how teeth are the most visible reminders of the divide between rich and poor — ”The price of employer-provided plans varies greatly, and can cost a family $500 a year or more, industry experts said. For those whose jobs don’t offer dental benefits, it can be even more expensive. So tens of millions go without: More than a third of American adults have no dental coverage, according to the ADA’s Health Policy Institute.”

How I accidentally stopped a global Wanna Decryptor ransomware attack

The threat-intelligence researcher managed to slow the virus down by registering a single domain explains how he did it.

Labour’s manifesto is a template for the struggling left worldwide

Owen Jones in The Guardian argues that the UK Labour’s manifesto could be a standard for other left-wing parties.

The second part of ZEMBLA’s programme about Donald Trump’s controversial friends.

“The dubious friends of Donald trump: King of Diamonds” — ZEMBLA.

Cybersecurity firm Mandiant founder Kevin Mandia opens up about how the company fights hackers.

“Cyber War & Unemployed Americans” — VICE News Tonight.

A US retailer is giving its workers exoskeletons.

British ambassador bruised after boar gives chase in Vienna park.

Swedish council says no to paid sex breaks at work.

40,000-year-old bracelet made by extinct human species found.

The Director’s followed the work of Anna Rubincam, a contemporary stone carver, as she carved a portrait from start to finish.

“A Continuous Shape” — Eyes & Ears

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